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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Now Officially My Birthday!!!!!!!

Hey, y'all.

Lately, things have been crazy. Everyone and their grandmother is having their birthday this month. Me, I turn 39 tomorrow.

Outside, it's colder than a witch's teat. Poor Matty is sick, as is my poor roommate. I hope I don't get it! (I haven't been sick for a long, long time.) The air is crackling dry. I love my bathtub more than I've ever loved it the entire time I've lived here. Tonight I trimmed my nails, gave my hair a deep conditioning, thoroughly stretched my back and feet, and next I will stretch my shoulders.

I hope to sleep well tonight, and to wake a little early. I have a day off, and it will be my birthday, and early in the day I'd like to do lots of Christmas shopping. This, I'm looking forward to, and I'm looking forward to wrapping them up.

Last weekend Matt and B invited me over to help them set up their Christmas tree. We grocery shopped. We hung the tree with disco balls and baby angels and fairies and the memorial ornament I bestowed at the last minute (a beautiful plastic Persian cat). We gorged. B and I drank wine out of glasses the size of goldfish bowls, and Matty had his diet C. While in the background Barbara Streisand sang Christmas tunes, Matty heated a can of gravy in the microwave. At the end of the evening, the kitchen was a big, scary mess.

Once I realized this, I demanded a ride home and I left my poor hosts to pick up the pieces. I did remember to snag my presents and my cake, though I shortsightedly left behind my priceless crystal bowl. I treasure the card Matty and B gave to me -- it's up on my 'fridge.

Today at work, Davi and James bought me a beautiful chocolate cake with pink roses on it, and a great big bottle of beer. I saved the bottle for later, and I blew out every single candle. My wish is going to come true. They rule!

Next week, I'm flying out for another whirlwind trip to see Ginab. Whirlwind. Very exciting, mind you.

I should get off the computer now, but before I do, here are some pics from Thanksgiving:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today I got my sewing machine fixed! Well, it wasn't really broken. . . turns out I was threading it incorrectly. The guys at Bay City Sewing Machine really know how sewing machines work!

My machine, for which I paid only ten bucks, weighs about 40 pounds. I had to carry it a block and a half, but it's worth its weight. My old machine was a teeny little dressmaker that struggled with thick fabrics like denim. I just used this baby to sew through straw matting.

The gentleman who fixes machines took me through, step-by-step, and showed me how this baby really works. I now know how to wind the bobbin, and I know the optimum setting for the top tension! I can zig-zag and make buttonholes! Afterwards, his brother insisted on carrying the machine back to my car! Woo!

Here's what I made:

It's the straw-colored pillow, which gives me something to lean against when I'm sitting on my bench. My place is severely lacking in comfortable chairs, so there it is.

My next project will be a pair of pretty curtains for the kitchen window, or maybe a couple of fake fur pillow covers. I haven't decided yet. But anyway, this is all in preparation for Matty's visit. It's given me an excuse to clean up and spruce up. In the new year, I want to have a party! I will need more seating. . .

Monday, November 20, 2006

I've Resumed Dating,

but just for a short time, since all these holidays are happening. Who wants to date right now? I mean, really?!

What I'm learning right now is how to turn guys down. Because, face it: something isn't a hell of a lot better than nothing, so sometimes no is the answer, and yes is just a mind game we play together.

What I really mean is, let's all agree to not settle for anything. I'm not saying that anyone's perfect. Certainly, I am not perfect. I mean, Ye Gods! But let's agree that it's more than all right for each of us to wait until they meet a certain someone else.

On A More Somber Note,

Many a night I have lain awake, many a night, worried sick about my friend, Doug, who has taken quite ill. Or so I suspected, until I realized that Doug is a hypochondriac.

As You Can See,

I've procrastinated long enough for the evening. Needle and Thread await!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Confused Pianist

Come back from Texas! San Francisco isn't the same without you, my truest.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Finally, A Day Off

Yesterday while I was at work, some landscapers came to trim the pine tree out back. It had become extremely overgrown. We live in one of those San Francisco neighborhoods where the houses are jammed together, side-by-side. In order to dispose of the branches they'd cut, the trimmers had to drag everything through my kitchen and out to the garage. So I came home to a dirty mess -- pitch, needles, spiders, twigs, and what looked like black soot all over the floor. By the time I'd cleaned it up, I was sort of tired. But I'd promised my friend that I'd go dancing with her. She's one of those people who keeps buying you drinks when you're not paying attention, and I ended up having a little too much fun. Which was all right, since today was my day off.

So Here's What I Did Today

I got out of bed very late, boiled a pot of coffee, and listened to the news (no more Rumsie!). Breakfast was melon and toast. My friend came downstairs to commiserate about our hangovers.

After she left, I headed out to the nursery where I spent hours walking around and dreaming of what I might like to see out behind my apartment, where I have this concrete patio area. I finally settled on this salvia. Salvias smell great, especially right after a rain. Butterflies love them. I also bought this Campanula, because flowers with trailing habits are so darling --

Here's A Picture Of Me In My Back Yard

It's almost as though I'm talking to you now, huh? That strip above my head is the spot where I'm starting my little garden. At this point, everything I've planted is very small. I hope it grows!

My Puny Plants

The soil here is sandy, moist, and poorly drained. I can dig a pretty good hole in it, though the dirt tends to pour back in on itself. While I prepared the area I couldn't help wondering if some former tenant had ever buried a pet out there. A giant boa constrictor, say. But it doesn't really pay to linger with those kinds of thoughts. I'm sure Martha Stewart wouldn't.

After the plants were watered in, I swept all the pine needles and stuff off of my patio and into the compost bin.

I love having a garden!