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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why I Haven't Been Blogging Lately

Because it takes up way too much time! For instance, the photos that are supposed to appear throughout this posting? Suddenly, they are not appearing. And I'm too tired right now to fix this. So bear with me until I can.

And also because, my friends, I've been busier than a raccoon eating shit out of a hairbrush! I sold my house, yes, I'm housesitting, I'm working pretty near seven days a week, and yo, I'm moving into a new apartment. Which has to be the raddest bachelorette pad ever. So I'm going to make my own curtains and lamps and whatnot. You'll see!

On top of all this, I've been partying with my friend Matty, who recently came over for a gay-guy-straight-girl slumber party: WHEEEE!

You might not know this, but Matty and I are both equally talented at playing the piano and the guitar. We dream of making an album together, but which of us would look better on the cover?

As you can see, we both get extremely carried away by our emotions when we play.

Or perhaps one of us is emulating the other and is only pretending to be truly posessed by the demon lover we call "the keyboard."

But enough of the piano! Our real instrument is the guitar, the true mainstay of rock and roll.Though perhaps you wouldn't guess this from the pose. Look, friends, these are promotional pictures, meant only to increase our record sales. At certain times in one's career, one does not need to play in order to become famous for it.

I do think Matty looks very coy in this pose.

But none of these portraits are truly worthy of the cover. We needed, on this evening, to come up with the shot of all shots, one that would really express our feelings about the instrument.My own take on this "who would look better on the cover" question is to let it go. . . as evidenced in the shot where I am pouring my heart out through my fingertips and into the ivories, it's the music that matter -- and is has to be! But Matty tends to get carried away with his rock n' roll fury. Is it the angst that comes when one plays a power chord on the old guitar, or is it a sense of rivalry?

You will find out the answer later, when I am once again able to post images. But for now, I cannot, so I must bid you adieu. I have much more to share, my good people, and little time in which to share it.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Following Is My Response

to this Blunty guy, who I found on YouTube:

I used to be sad, too, and I took something for this. It was nice to feel normal again. After three months, I quit the meds.

For over a year now I've been simply talking about everything in front of a doctor, who mostly just listens. The process is slow and I'm sure I'll keep working on inner stuff long after I decide I no longer need these sessions and on through for the rest of my life. But I do think I'm gradually learning to feel good about everything, including the fact that I'm sad sometimes, and that sadness is a perfectly normal reaction to certain events -- the things I've experienced would make anyone sad. But I'm trying to improve things, and this makes me happy.

Which, maybe that explains why I don't feel as though my friends "let me down" so much as they act like themselves. Maybe the more I work on my sadness, the less frequently I feel let down. And that's why I'm able to love them.

So because I've chosen to make myself less sad, my friends are my chosen people. Friends are the people who make us feel safe enough to speak and/or behave more honestly. That feeling is so rare! Friends make the very best roommates.

And Oh, My!

I just noticed that it's past midnight. Which means, my friends, that it is finally here! It's finally the Fourth of July!!

This Helsinkian calendar model displays on his chest the bright plumage of the Fourth of July Spirit! Can you hear its cry as it soars above our proud democracy? Caw! Caw, Caw! Koo-koo-roo! Eee-ee! Eee-ee! And now I wonder what I might wear on the fourth to express my very own Fourth of July Spirit. Oh, I know!

Flags look pretty great when they're flapping in a breeze. They sound great, too.

Why is it the lesbians and the gays get a pretty flag? I want a pretty flag. I want a black flag with red apples and pink cherry blossoms on it. Something that would look great on a shirt.

So last week was Pride week here in San Francisco, and I am so proud of everyone who chooses to be perfectly honest with her- or himself. Here's the window I did at the bookstore for the Fourth of July.

I love you, Matty! I love you, Gina!