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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Oh Sees

This is my new favorite band.

I've been taking it easy, because I guess I really needed a block of time to myself, to be all alone, doing nothing. Work takes a toll. I'm having the hardest time getting up and getting going! The weekend is pretty much over, and I never want it to end. If you call me tonight, I won't pick up the phone. There's still laundry and groceries and dishes and bills.

But last night I saw my friend Alison singing at Red Hill Books. She's going to New York soon for a very big show (someone from the New York Times will be covering it), and I just know she's going to make a splash. A good friend of mine moved just down the street, so I imagine I'll be seeing more of her, which is great, because last night on the way home she took night-time pictures, which makes me see more of everything. I met someone on Friday who, I found out later, took an instant disliking to me (doesn't happen very often, and I'm feeling sort of shocked and deflated). I'm trying to ignore the way this is affecting me. My fancy backpack started to get moldy in my closet, and I don't think there's anything I can do, as it's not machine washable. I've started reading a short story about four times now, and I haven't managed to get more than three pages in without falling asleep. This cycle of procrastination is panicking me.

I'm taking this coming Friday off. Maybe I'll see that new Bob Dylan movie with Matty. Whatever I do, I hope it involves getting out of the house.

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