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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Oh Sees

This is my new favorite band.

I've been taking it easy, because I guess I really needed a block of time to myself, to be all alone, doing nothing. Work takes a toll. I'm having the hardest time getting up and getting going! The weekend is pretty much over, and I never want it to end. If you call me tonight, I won't pick up the phone. There's still laundry and groceries and dishes and bills.

But last night I saw my friend Alison singing at Red Hill Books. She's going to New York soon for a very big show (someone from the New York Times will be covering it), and I just know she's going to make a splash. A good friend of mine moved just down the street, so I imagine I'll be seeing more of her, which is great, because last night on the way home she took night-time pictures, which makes me see more of everything. I met someone on Friday who, I found out later, took an instant disliking to me (doesn't happen very often, and I'm feeling sort of shocked and deflated). I'm trying to ignore the way this is affecting me. My fancy backpack started to get moldy in my closet, and I don't think there's anything I can do, as it's not machine washable. I've started reading a short story about four times now, and I haven't managed to get more than three pages in without falling asleep. This cycle of procrastination is panicking me.

I'm taking this coming Friday off. Maybe I'll see that new Bob Dylan movie with Matty. Whatever I do, I hope it involves getting out of the house.

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Blogger DOUBLE A DIME said...

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3:47 PM

Blogger ing said...

Oh, neat, someone spammed me! I just adore spam!

8:03 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

The back pack just wash in your tub it will dry and be fine. Yes work has a way of making you want to not answer the phone after you clock out.
Suspect the character who took an immediate disliking to you.You have a fine mixture of friends,as far as I am concerned if a person is one to hate then they are to young to know better or to bitter to count. Not that a person that is bitter has not earned the title but should it reflect upon you? At least you made an impression which is better than being ignored, probably. Hunted and pecked but not read JW

9:07 PM

Blogger ing said...

Oh, Josh!

I'll try washing out the pack in the tub, but will this really get rid of the mold? Will it? Will it? I have the world's coolest backpack, and I haven't used it for a couple of years now. . .

And yes, I think this person is quite bitter, that's all. I'm sure he earned it, and who knows, maybe someday I'll join him in those bitter dregs. It would take an awful lot, though. Guess I've been lucky so far. And I have awesome friends, it's true.

As you know, it's better to be talked about than not, and it only means that I am a star. Those who haven't tasted fame do get a little jealous, I'm sure.

Keep hunting and pecking, Commander Josh.

9:51 PM

Blogger purplesimon said...

I know how you feel in terms of not getting stuff done. I too feel like that and no matter than excuses it still feels as if I'm doing myself an injustice.

Not everyone can like you and I'm sure you come across people you don't like. However, it's never nice finding out for certain; but let it go, it's their problem not yours, their dislike and not yours, etc. I always think: even if that person dislikes me, at least they are giving me radio play (purple-speak for they're talking about me). If it really bothers you be extra polite to them the next time you see them and they'll hate themselves for disliking such a nice person. Works for me and stops me wasting time on disliking them in return!

Does that make sense? Actually, I see you've said the same thing in your own comment in a reply to Josh. I only just saw. Ignore me, I'm word-blind today.

Love the band and the video. Wow. Currently loving Soulsavers and the new Bonnie Prince EP, plus Bill Callahan's newie. So much cool music right now.

Anyhoo, hope all went well at the weekend and the backpack washes okay.

purplesimon out...

2:46 AM

Blogger ginab said...

The fellow did come to mine from yours, by the way.

But someone took a dislike to you? People, I swear, I hate'em.

I am sorry about your bag. I saw one over the weekend in the NY Times; the most colorful bag in the world, I wanted to get one for all my friends. Alas the bugger costs $1,200.

Go figure.

I know why you're taking Friday off for real. I do!!!


10:15 AM

Blogger ing said...

Heya, Purps!

I didn't even know about the new Bonnie, and now I must own it! I kind of wish it wasn't a cover album, but the mix sounds really interesting: Sinatra? R. Kelly? Merle Haggard? What?

Indeed, there's lots of great new stuff coming out. I'll have a listen to Soulsavers, and I'll enjoy the purplespeak. Maybe I'll even wash my backpack.




I wish he'd keep his mean face outta here, but I guess he has to sneak through my place because he's a coward, yes?

$1200 is too much for a bag, no matter how lovely the colors!

Soon it will be Friday, a day off to recover from Thursday, a night of pure fun!

6:53 PM

Blogger ginab said...

yeah what a cad.

and then I cannot read very well now can I.

I am a dum-dummy.

especially. BUT I took care of 'it'.

I'd throw a $1200 in a river! Watch its vivid colors explode up from beneath!!

12:35 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

How about going to the pet store and see if they have any mold eating shrews. I am not sure they exist but its worth a try. Still hunting and still pecking JW

2:25 PM

Blogger matty said...

Anyone who dislikes you is obviously badly damaged. I don't know who they are, but they are not worth knowing.

I think you can take the backpack to the dry cleaners and the problem should be resolved.

I got a VERY scary proto-Christian but anti-gay spam which I promptly deleted. It went on so long it got cut off by blogger!

Can't wait to see you on Friday! We shall see Margot. I hear she's at a wedding or something.

B is upset he won't be with me when I give you our present, but I told him he'd survive.

As you're seeing the Bob Dylan/Todd Haynes film with a str8 boy Friday night --- I'll be attempting to see it alone tomorrow. I didn't know it was almost 3 hours long!?!?! What up?

Anyway, how does it feel to be 32? Just curious as I have a few years to go before I will know.

kisses and love,

10:37 PM

Blogger ing said...


Aw, who cares about the cad? We have more important things to discuss! Like, what a glorious day it is today! Wooooooo!



I will run to the store to seek out these shrews! They won't eat me, will they? I haven't developed any molds or mildews, so I'm probably safe, yes?



Yes, I have a date with a str8 boy. But more importantly, we will be seeing that movie about the wedding. Is it going to make me feel old and single?

I'm glad you deleted that creepy wierdo self-hating perv.

It's good to be 32. I think you will enjoy it. I know it seems far off, but you'll get there some day. Give your B a big hug & kiss from me. I hear he's even younger than you, you cradle robber! Oh, to be in the first bloom of youth once again. I'm going to watch The Hunger to see if I can figure out how you stay so young. . .

5:37 PM

Blogger sage said...

Have a great day off tomorrow, I'm going back to work after having been off for a week.

As for backpacks, I've washed my by hand and they're always so dirty that I put a bit of bleach in the water, but then I don't exactly care if they fade as long as they hold up well-of course, we maybe talking about different types of backpacks

9:05 PM

Blogger ginab said...

I was calling myself a cad. ;-)

Sweetie, happy birthday!!!!


6:04 AM

Blogger matty said...

As the tag line for THE HUNGER reads: "nothing human lives forever" ...and you are quite human.

You're seeing the Margot at the wedding movie?!?!?

I thought you were seeing that Bob Dylan movie?!?!?

(It's cool because I tried to see the Dylan movie -- which I wasn't understanding -- I had to go to the can and fell down the stairs cuz of these stupid meds and was asked to either let them call an ambulance or leave -- I left so I only saw about 40 minutes of the Dylan movie. You can explain it to me. It comes with a cheat sheet -- like DUNE did)

I want to call you but am afraid you're sleeping late --- I might call you anyway. ...because I'm that kind of friend.


9:05 AM

Blogger ginab said...

The Oh Sees make me feel Old see!

12:08 PM

Blogger matty said...

I'm with Gina -- the Oh Sees kind of make me feel old. But, I do love Goldfrapp --- which probably just makes me really gay.

Anyway, you looked fabulous at the party tonight! You were rockin' the roof in that Hello Kitty ensemble!

10:26 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

The shrews are harmless of course I would imagine so...I would not put you in any danger, not for the best pack in the world...never! JW

5:10 PM

Blogger ing said...


Oooh, watch out for the bleach; it weakens the fibers! My pack is purple and red. Color pollution. I don't want it to fade!

I had a great weekend, and things are winding down lately. Yay! I love time off, I just love it!



My birthday was very happy! Thanks for the present, and thank you, Matty. Ginab, I still have your orchid in water. So purty.



I'm afraid I can't explain the Dylan movie, though I think I liked it. Not as good as DUNE, but the concept was pretty cool. I wish it was less visual, though, and more everything else.

Thanks for calling! Sorry I didn't pick up. . . I was verrrrrry sleepy & to be honest, I'd had a few too many the night before.



Really? Why and how? Just curious.



Same questions as above. And I'm afraid you'd be really gay whether there was a Goldfrapp or no. Thanks for dressing me up in your love!



Thanks for looking out for me. You are a real scout and my personal hero, Josh. I will look out for you, too. Just let me know if anyone messes with you and you'll see. . .

6:34 PM


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