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Monday, November 20, 2006

I've Resumed Dating,

but just for a short time, since all these holidays are happening. Who wants to date right now? I mean, really?!

What I'm learning right now is how to turn guys down. Because, face it: something isn't a hell of a lot better than nothing, so sometimes no is the answer, and yes is just a mind game we play together.

What I really mean is, let's all agree to not settle for anything. I'm not saying that anyone's perfect. Certainly, I am not perfect. I mean, Ye Gods! But let's agree that it's more than all right for each of us to wait until they meet a certain someone else.

On A More Somber Note,

Many a night I have lain awake, many a night, worried sick about my friend, Doug, who has taken quite ill. Or so I suspected, until I realized that Doug is a hypochondriac.

As You Can See,

I've procrastinated long enough for the evening. Needle and Thread await!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget the vitamin A&D . Very good with skin and can help with crows feet .

Um , not that you have any .

9:54 PM

Blogger Mone said...

I hope you wont hurt him with that needle. Its only a short way from hypochondriac to depressive maniac ;)

10:49 PM

Blogger matty said...


I thought you WERE perfect. What are you saying? You're shaking the foundation of my world-view.

Um, are you going to stab him to death or make him a shawl? I'm confused, but not much of a pianist.

Grey Gardens!!!

6:34 AM

Blogger lryicsgrl said...

wrote somthing too long....changed my mind.

I am confused by the needle an thread?

I am confused by lots of things, tho..he he!

2:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! but I woke up this morning hearing, IN MY HEAD, "Life on Mars"!!!!


7:29 PM

Blogger ing said...


Ummm, thanks, I think. I try not to worry too much about the signs that I smile a lot. I hope everyone's okay with these signs of my character, since there's not much I can do about them. As for calcium and iron, though -- yes!



I made a very bad transition! (Rushing around.) Though if I ever feel the urge to poke something with needles, I'm sure I can convince Doug that we're trying acupuncture.



Only Ms. Martha Stewart is perfect. The rest of us simply try.

I will not stab him, nor will I make him a shawl. I sort of love and sort of hate that stuffed animal. I'll tell you the story behind it later.

Grey Gardens!!! I'm so excited! My friend Jonathan told me that a scene from this movie has been imprinted and he cannot get rid of it. He then told me to think of myself and my roommate when I watch it. Which, I'd read up on the whole thing, and I am NOT going there!



No, my posting was confusing. Do not fear.



WOW! So is there life on Mars?

I'm listening to an interview with E. O. Wilson on NPR. He has a new book! He's the guy who wrote the quintessential tome on ants.

I'm going to turn off the radio, cut me a slice of apple pie, and put on some Bowie.

9:05 PM


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