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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Men Without Shirts!!!

Today was the ultimate perfect best day ever! If only it were my birthday as well, I think I'd be dead now.

I woke up this morning just on time to meet someone for a tennis game at Buena Vista Park, just down the street. It was already warm out at 8:30 in the morning, and so many people were out walking their dogs. I got to the courts and sat on a rock wall while I waited for my partner, watching the other players & trying to learn how they were doing what they were doing. After about a half hour I realized that my partner wasn't about to show, so I hiked up to the top of the park, where the vistas were muy buenas, indeed! Then I headed home, dropped off my racquet, and went for a run.

I'm still a very slow runner, but these days I occasionally pass other women who are also running, and while at first the women I passed tended to be in their sixties and seventies, lately I've been running faster than women my own age, and even younger! But TODAY I passed a guy who was not only younger than me, but he looked like he was in decent shape! Woo!

After that I rode my bike through the park and up to Matty's. On Sundays, they close a chunk of the main road through the park, which makes the whole area seem like a little utopian village of cyclists, runners, and roller bladers. Which, on a hot day, it is, because you know what? HORDES OF GORGEOUS MEN JOG THROUGH WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF! Wow!

I spent the day with Matty and B, and we had lunch outside. It was great! Then back through the park & the shirtless hot men, and home, where I have some beers in the fridge. During my ride home, when I wasn't gawking at men, I thought about the perfect ending to this perfect day and I decided to drink a beer out on my front steps. When I got home the cops were here, watching my next-door neighbors' front window (a fairly common occurrence). So my housemate and I sat on the steps with our beers and talked to one of the (very cool) cops and learned that the car parked out in front of our neighbors' had been stolen. A tow truck showed up and we waited until they managed to tow away the car, and we talked to some of our neighbors as they walked by.

Now I am pleasantly tired, so I think I'll kick back for a while and read a book and set up some more tennis games with the other people who've lately answered my ad.

I know it's worrisome, but sometimes being laid off is really great!

Oh, by the way, I just love to see people enjoying themselves without restraint.


Blogger sage said...

Sorry about being stood up for tennis, but it sounds like you had a wonderful day.

4:36 AM

Blogger Red Flashlight said...

LOVE that video. If you got it, you should shake it.

8:55 AM

Blogger ing said...


Sometimes being stood up isn't a big deal - at least now I know that this young man won't make a good tennis partner, and I'm free to look for other partners on Sunday mornings. . . So it's all good.



You're absolutely right. I would just love to go dancing - I haven't in so long!

10:42 AM

Blogger matty said...

I so love that clip! It just makes me happy. I quite often dance around the apartment -- but usually to Bab's The Main Event song. Fight! Fight! ...I don't think that song is retarded and I hope no one is filming me!

You are so hot right now! Worked out and working it! Grab one of those half naked men!

Watch out for those friendly crack neighbors!!!

love and kisses,

5:29 PM

Blogger ing said...


Lately, the sight of people dancing really makes me happy! I wish I could afford to go shopping at Amoeba. I could use some new songs to dance to in my room. No song that makes you want to dance like that is retarded.


7:12 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

Tennis was always not on my list...I do love Racket Ball because I suppose I do not have to run outside the fence to retrieve my errant return...I have a couple of Tennis rackets but I still have to admit I like the fast pace of Racket Ball, it would be better if it was possible outdoors.

7:59 PM

Blogger matty said...

Tennis! The week after Turkey Day week! I shall fall about the court! Can't wait!

9:54 AM

Blogger Dan L. said...

Hey, Ing:

I, at one time, was probaby great without a shirt. I have been told that more than three three times. I never knew, nor understood. Actually, I was probably the bomb, but no one ever told me. Now, I am not the best of that group, since I am 51 and not quite the the 20 year old that I am/was, bu...just am not anything close, anymore.

You, on the great otherhand, still enjoy the fantastic youth of 41! Wow! You must have energy for a thousand! Am I right? Did I read you say...41? I would have never thought that seemed at least 10 years below that....really.


--Dan L.

1:00 AM


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