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Friday, November 07, 2008

Balls! Big, Hairy, Sweaty Balls!

I was this close -> <- to landing a job at Stanford University Press. . . I'd been through three interviews, and though they gave me that depressing story about me being "overqualified," I think I managed to convince them that though I'm super educated and though I can write, that doesn't make me overqualified to publicize books. I was told that I was one of the top candidates and that I'd be getting a call Thursday night with the final answer. It wasn't until late this (Friday) afternoon that I got an email explaining that Stanford has instituted a temporary hiring freeze and the position for which I'd applied is no longer available.


All this after I spent the day waiting for the phone to ring and watching Peep Show (which you should check out on youtube, if you feel like it, because it's really excellent!). Anyway, yeah, I spent the day watching this show and waiting for the phone to ring like some kind of desperate middle-aged sad sack, and I didn't go running or write anything, which made me feel even worse about myself, and then I got the news that even Stanford is shutting down, which made me think that I better just take whatever job I can get, because the economy is going down the tubes and we're headed for the next depression?

Maybe if I send out resumes that don't mention my degree, my teaching experience, my work as a professional writer, that bit where I was Assistant Director of a university writing center, or even my previous experience as a publicist, maybe then I'll be offered something.

Oy veh.

I'm trying really hard to remain optimistic, but it isn't easy. I know it's supposed to be "flattering" to be told I'm overqualified, but right now, I just want a job! And it's NOT flattering to be told that I'm too good of a writer, because you know what? Writing is really fun and interesting, but I will never, ever make a living doing it. So there. It's just a neat kind of skill that I've developed over the years. That is ALL.

Anyway, I baked two pies and a cake for happypresidentobamaday (i.e. I can bake stuff),

and if you're a fan of large calves, then I'm still fairly good-looking, sort of, maybe, somewhat, for an average person.

so I have those two things going for me, I guess. Oh, and finally, I fixed our toilet, so I'm handy, too.

Really, though, is there a bright side? Is there? Is there?!?

Oh, here's this ad I recently posted on Craig's list. Do I sound weird?


Blogger Jessica said...

oh ingrid, I'm so sad to hear about Stanford! You'd think they could figure out whether or not they can hire someone well before the third interview. Jerks.

it 's so heartbreaking to be so perfect for a job and spend so much time & energy trying to land it, and then get left with nothing to show for it all. everyone in the Bay Area is "overqualified" and fighting tooth & nail to get whatever job. also, first you're told to get as much experience as possible and be the most impressive candidate, and then you get smacked down for it. Assholes!

Craigslist ad made me want to play tennis with you, though of course I don't actually, you know, PLAY tennis. It made me moss you a lot, though.
great picture, SEXY shoes!

4:25 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

um, when I said "I moss you," I meant I miss you!
damn iPhone touchscreen!
I don't even know how to "moss" you, even if I wanted to. 'cause I don't want to, of course. That would me weird.

4:29 AM

Blogger ginab said...

Geez, Jessica is so right. Third interview, reference check, pitch to higher admin to hire you, and the balloon is shot down. The press needed you, and those wanting to hire you still know this. Could be the freeze lasts until past the inaguration, given federal $ allocated to states for spending at institutes of higher ed,even to private ones apparently, will be realized then. Keep your mind open. You look like a million bucks (I wish I had your brain). Someone doesn't play patient tennis with you, I'd be stunned. Neat ad.

I moss/miss you too.


11:08 AM

Blogger ing said...


Sexy librarian!

Yep, I was sad, too. Well, more panicked than sad. Because it seems like very bad luck that Stanford of all places is having a hiring freeze. It makes me feel as though I'm running out of job options. And while I was perfectly suited for the duties of this job, it's been depressing to discover that every job I've had a shot at pays 28-33k a year. Don't get me wrong - I'd be happy to have a job, period. But realistically, it's very difficult to live on that. Though okay, I just looked at the Living Wage Calculator, and I'm supposed to be able to make it on 26k a year, so maybe I'm whining & need to learn to live with less.

Oh, but I'm going to meet someone for tennis on Thursday morning! I'm going to Good Will to see if there are any rackets for sale. Woo!



It's so nice to be mossed!



Yes, maybe the freeze will let up in a few months, who knows. And maybe by then I'll have found something closer (I really wasn't looking forward to the commute, anyway).

Still bummed out, but I'll get past it.


11:23 AM


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