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Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanna Join My Commune?

My housemate is in the midst of securing a place for her elderly mother. Which got me to thinking.

When those of us who are between 30 and 50 years old, those many of us who don't have children — when we turn 70, we'll need to face those years with courage. I looked at this site called The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. They say 6 million people today have late-life depression, but only 10% of those people get any help for it.

Here's some news from Australia, via a cool site I found called Mission Australia (I'm not sure what the statistics are like in the U.S.):

Statistics tell us that 9.4 per cent of people – or 11,300 individuals – who used the nation’s system of homeless services in 2006-07 were aged 50 or over. However, that’s likely to be a significant underestimation because we know that older homeless people aren’t accessing mainstream services in their true numbers.

That’s because they believe – mostly correctly – that existing homeless services don’t address their complex needs. Another common reason is because they feel too proud or independent to use them.

But think about this: What would happen if, in the next fifteen years, groups of us who knew and liked each other moved somewhere with a mild climate, where houses and land were cheap? We could pool our money together and buy a nice old house and put in a great big vegetable garden. We'd take care of each other and understand one another, and we'd all come to terms with death in our own ways, surrounded by people who are dying too, and the rest of our lives would be hard and profound and dignified.

p.s. The Jim Kweskin Jug Band


Blogger Miss Pants said...

Count me in!

12:06 AM

Blogger Mone said...

My retairement money will be so little by then that I'll have no other choice as to move and a mild climate will be the cream of it for me. Let me know when the time is up :)

5:57 AM

Blogger ing said...


Right on! Will you start scouting around in Utah for good commune land? We'll need a place with a basement to store all the beer we'll have to smuggle across the state border.



I'll let you know! But start planning now. . . we have about 15 years to figure it out.

11:12 AM

Blogger matty said...

can i have a private bathroom and play barbra and goldfrapp?

12:03 PM

Blogger ginab said...


(I'm kidding.) Just the weather sounds unamerican so I'm in with the weather. take me to where the wind blows only out old asses!

i'm trying to be funny. this topic! of course the invisible are depressed. the mind in america is trained to die. but we're locked in some of us (here's some misery) in a kind of carnival ride of hang on because if any one of us has our way in the end with ourselves finally round the neck, the public library won't receive the check from the insurance company and one by one we'll have failed to change the world for the better.

2:36 PM

Blogger sage said...

How about a remote place in the mountains of Honduras--your money will go a long way and you can grow your own coffee and bananas

Your comment about smuggling beer into Utah made me smile. When McCain goes on his kick about crossing state lines to buy everything but health insurance, I laugh, remembering making a few trips to AZ and NV to buy beer and liquor

4:44 PM

Blogger matty said...

do i have to do the laundry? i DO NOT separate colors.

...oh, and do i have to touch soil?

5:52 PM

Blogger purplesimon said...

Does it mean, if you've had kids then the commune isn't open? I've only got one, and intend on having no more.

I once lived in a tree for three weeks as part of a campaign against road-building and I can cook, clean, grow stuff quite well, etc.

I'll be sad if I don't get an invite!

purplesimon out...

2:12 AM

Blogger matty said...

Can Thursdays be clothing optional and can we have a deck?

6:11 AM

Blogger ing said...


If there is a tree out back to squat behind, then you shall have your private bathroom. We will be on a fixed income, but if you have a stereo or record player and you still have your Barbra and Goldfrapp collection, sure, you can play them! But I don't think it would be good for our collective health if you played your Liza records, so I'm sorry, that's out.



Well then, I guess the public library thanks us for letting nature take its own course. But there are other reasons not to, yes?



Honduras, eh? It'd be nice to live on the beach. . .



Yes, we will all have to do our laundry. As long as you don't mix your with mine, it's okay about the colors. If you don't want to touch soil, then you'll have to have some money to buy your own food - start saving now! You can be the commune's high-maintenance man.



Nah, we're not going to exclude anyone. But the point is, we are all going to control this ourselves, in the way we think is best. Kids are welcome to visit and maybe help out a little, but they're not allowed to interfere with our choices, no matter that the death of their parents might drive them to do so. We are going to be independent!



Thursdays can be clothing optional for you, and once everyone sees you in all your majestic glory I'm sure we'll all want to do it, too. And OF COURSE we can have a deck! We can have whatever we can build! Yay!!


7:39 AM

Blogger purplesimon said...

It's okay, we can use the kids as fuel.

*kidding, people*

Glad not to be excluded.

And if Matty can't play Liza records, what about if we compromise with some Rufus Wainwright? :D

Don't choose the UK; while the commune thing is accepted over here (there is a tepee commune in Wales) the weather is anything but hot.

purplesimon out...

8:34 AM

Blogger matty said...

a tree? for a bathroom? what about snakes and bears? I just don't know.

also, i can't build things unless collage counts.

now, to be fair, i don't own or listen to any Liza records. i might, but somehow you are magically the one who owns all of them. don't fib -- half of the haight was discussing the fact that you were prancing about ashbury carrying your lize-does-disco-tropical-nights LP -- holding it high in the air and chanting "Liza! Liza!"

most worrying. and, i heard that you even refused $50 for it -- the record i mean. what is up with that?

anyway, purps is correct. i saw comic strip do a film about communal life in tee-pees -- and they ended up eating people. i think. anyway, it came to no good end.

i rather love rufus wainwright and his mom!

but, i do think there should be alone time for you and your beloved Liza record collection.

will beck be allowed to visit or is he still on restriction.

you know, i had a job offer from the library of congress before i graduated from college. turned it down.

was worried about the watergate hotel and the demon that possess little girls in that ritzy neighborhood.

but, ing, i'm not sure a tree counts as a private bathroom. where does one hang a towel, post a picture of andy gibb -- and, how-o-how does one flush?

10:37 AM

Blogger Ren said...

Sure, I'm in.

6:32 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

Great health care and great fertility has not helped this issue.
If we limit our breed like rabbits philosophy, we could limit our problems with deforestation, and other natural resources...Well...
Yes, Thomas Malthus was correct and if we really were serious about our planets issues we would address these ideas.
Imagine a goldfish bowl, imagine our planet.To many people. This is the problem, history has proven this but if we learn one thing from history is that we do not learn anything from history.

9:13 PM

Blogger ing said...


Kids as fuel. . . hmmmmmm, sounds innnteresting. Maybe the idea could double as a reason to not drill for in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or something?

As for music, as long as it's not Liza, we're all set.



Neither snake nor bear no dark of night can stop the process of elimination, so take comfort! And your Liza records are a natural laxative, if you are in urgent need of help in that regard.

I want to know more about this commune! It sounds fascinating!

My door is always open to Beck. But his wife is another matter.



Cool, you can give us medical advice.



Well, a bunch of us didn't reproduce, which I know is best for the planet, but unless we think of something fast, we are doomed!

2:42 PM

Blogger matty said...

are you not feeling "regular"? this why you keep walking about The Haight with you Liza LP collection?

Can't Commander Josh build me a bathroom?

2:53 PM

Blogger ing said...


Commander Josh can do anything he sets his mind to. He is, after all, a commander, and he has an undeniable commanding presence.

3:30 PM

Blogger Don said...

I like the idea and have actually thought about it for years now. Though I am a very conservative guy I am wondering why I am even considering such an idea ??????
I do know the answer though!!! I'M TIRED OF LIES. I have have come to the conclusion {years ago} that ALL politicians are CROOKS and they ARE NOT looking out for you or me. They are selling ALL OF US out, all the while telling you how they only want to help you, {PALEEEEEASE} Most common citizens on the other hand are {generally} good people and if it wasn't for the absolutely transparent media and the equally transparent politicians/saviors pitting one against the other I think most people would get along just fine !!!! If there was an OPT OUT/UNSUBSCRIBE option from Big Brother I would sign off on it today !!!! I for the most part believe in individualism with a little help from your friends and GOD. Oh I do have skills to contribute. I am a Certified Organic Farmer, heavy equipment operator and a Mechanic.
Sign me up.

10:13 PM


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