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Monday, October 06, 2008

San Francisco

Isn't really a very friendly place. I've made a few friends here, and most of them, I've lost. Don't know why, really. I'm kind to everyone I know, and I've always been fairly helpful, and I try to look nice, too. And overall, I'm pretty smart. But maybe I'm not generous enough. Or maybe I don't have enough to give, is what I mean.

I wish the world was smaller. I feel really insignificant sometimes.


Blogger Ren said...

Remember what the guy from the "Speech Song" said... Live in San Francisco once, but leave before it makes you soft.

I wonder what living in Baltimore makes me?

6:12 PM

Blogger matty said...

Baltimore is supposed to be the cool new hip place!

Ing, I think there is magic here in San Francisco. But, I don't think I've ever lived anywhere like this in terms of population. There seems to be a lot of lost/wounded souls and even more flakes than I could ever imagine in one place.

...the lost and wounded I get. The flakes mystify me.

You ARE generous and a great friend. You're doing nothing that would make someone not love and/or respect you.

It is a strange place. Both good and bad. And, I suspect it is place of transition and growth for you.

Transition and growth are tough going, but you're doing it. Hang tight and keep pushing.

I love you so very much. And, I'll be seein' ya tomorrow at 11:30am!


9:55 PM

Blogger purplesimon said...

Ditto London.

2:54 AM

Blogger Ren said...

Oh, Baltimore is happening. Unfortunately, it's well on its way to becoming murder capital of the US again... 178 and counting.

In my job (health department), I find myself in the shadiest parts of the city. It's really bad.

But downtown is all about the rich and affluent partying. Down there, there is no credit crunch.

4:54 AM

Blogger Miss Pants said...

I felt very much like this yesterday. I hope Tuesday is better to you.

1:20 PM

Blogger sage said...

Don't blame yourself, blame it on the fog.

I'm glad I had an opportunity to spend a couple semesters in the area, but I don't think I could live there.

8:33 AM

Blogger ing said...


A Baltimorian? A John Waters fan? An Oroile? I dunno. . . Certainly not soft, though.



I have heard the same about Baltimore, but isn't it a big, scary city? I'd love to move to a great smallish town with a university, an independent theater or two, and lots of bookstores. . .

San Francisco is a beautiful place, with its cliffs and its beach and its parks, too. But man, there are so many flakes! I find it hard to make real bonds with the people here. I hope it's not just me.

Transition, yes. I've been in transition for a few years now. I'm kind of tired of being in transition, to tell you the truth, but I suppose transitions keep us young inside.



Oh, I would move to London in a heartbeat if it wasn't for that citizenship stuff.



Well, I would have to live in that affordable murder-area. And I'm really scared of murderers! Ach!



I posted on a really bad day, which is kind of a mistake or misrepresentation, I mean. Some days are good, and some days are bad. I find that if I do my work in a coffeeshop instead of at home, it makes all the difference. I have no idea why it should be so, but it is so.



Holy crap, it's COLD here! Sunny and cold! Deceptive! The fog can be pretty sometimes, but most of the time I prefer it clear and hot.

9:09 PM


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