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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Off To Play Me Some Tennis

That's right, suckas, It's Thursday morning, which, when you're unemployed, is like any Saturday morning, except quieter. After tennis I have a phone interview, then a doctor's appointment, then I'll have a few hours to look for a job.

Matty's birthday has happened, but we're going to celebrate on Sunday. Every day in November counts as Matty's birthday.


Blogger josh williams said...

I was never a big fan of tennis because I was always running after the ball when I missed my shot. I did however like racket ball because eventually the ball would find itself near me...Its been a long time since my last visit hope all is well and I am off to create something completely different. JW

6:56 PM

Blogger ing said...


But don't you like wearing those cute white shorts & the white sweater and so forth?

I had to run after quite a number of balls, but I figure that I'm getting in better shape while I'm doing it, so it's all right with me. Today, though, I saw this woman with a plastic ball-grabber attached to her belt, so she could keep the extra balls right on her waistband. The thing was, there were fewer interruptions to the game because nobody had to wait for anyone else to collect balls, so it just made the game go faster and everyone was just as tired.

What are you creating?

5:33 PM


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