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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Man, I'm Tired

of packing. I'm soooooo close! My apartment is full of boxes, coat hangers, dust bunnies, and papers. The moving truck shows up on Sunday, and I have yet to call the power company and my DSL provider and my parents back in Washington.

I spent Saturday night at the new place with T, who's going to be a first-rate housemate. She made noodles. Yum. The other housemate, S, is sweet and considerate and adult. I think it's all going to work out.

Once this weekend is over I'll be unpacking and looking forward to ginab's visit and a whole week off from work. Soon, I'll be taking improv, riding my bike over to Matty's for the occasional visit, and spending some time in Golden Gate Park (it'll be just blocks away) and cooking in a real kitchen with a real table and chairs. Soon, I'll find a desk and start working on short stories. I hope I can fit in some gardening time, too.

Things are shaping up. I just need to push on through this crazy week. My dreams tonight will be about cardboard and tape.


Blogger matthew said...

Yay! The countdown is on!!!!

A full on writing room of one's own!

Can't wait to see you and give ya a big hug!

Oh, and I still don't think that song is so much about Prince Billy getting a blow job as just about wanting a full on declaration of someone loving him -- and the girl wanting the same. However, maybe I've just gone all romantical.

Little Bagel seems to think it is all about public sex.

Kind of scary that we can't eat tomatoes right now, eh?!?!?

5:53 PM

Blogger ing said...

But the packing, Matty! Make it stop! ugh, I'm so tired of packing and packing and packing! I want to be finished.

And okay, on one level you're right, that's exactly what Will Oldham was talking about. But literally, you can't deny the words, Matty. "O take me, o make me, o kneel down and please me" - what does that sound like to YOU? Eh, sonny boy? Eh, sexy bebe?

Don't worry about the tomatoes, by the way. It's just salmonella. You'll get over it in a week, if you're a healthy adult. No biggie, right?

Actually, I forgot all about that & tonight there were tomatoes on my sandwich. But I wouldn't mind getting a little salmonella, to build up my immunity.

Back to work!

9:03 PM

Blogger matthew said...

No way! I read that if you eat a tomato your head could pop off!

9:48 PM

Blogger sage said...

Moving frequently helps one clear clutter and makes the packing so much easier... Good luck

5:10 AM

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

Packing is the worst. But good that you have a nice place to move to!

10:42 AM

Blogger ing said...

Matty, my head is still attached. Maybe I DON'T have salmonella. I hear that cherry grape, and on-the-vine varieties are okay. Hmmmmm, sounds dangerous and fun! I'm off to the grocery store.



Yes, I've dropped off a couple of bags of clothing, and I gave away a few kitchen items. I usually end up getting rid of too many things. Like my potato masher - how in the world am I to mash potatoes? Of course, I haven't used it since last Thanksgiving, so. . .



Oh, my new place is so cool! I'm thinking about joining the YMCA, since there's one right down the street. Woo hoo! And I'll be right next to Golden Gate Park. It's going to be awesome. Cold in the wintertime, but awesome.

5:33 PM

Blogger ginab said...

free at last, free at last.

see you soon!


7:29 AM

Blogger ing said...

Ginab, I'm so excited! I hope the weather stays gorgeous.

6:40 PM


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