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Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Hour 'Til My Lunch Date

On Friday, my coworker explained to me how if there was an emergency, she'd absolutely save her children and husband before she'd help anyone else. "Isn't that normal?" she asked me. "To favor your husband and family, the people you love the most?" I told her yes, that it's natural selection at work. If there's a meat shortage, I told her that I expect she and her loved ones will cannibalize me. Not in a mean way - I was joking & she laughed. But in principle, the whole thing makes me sad.

I picked up a Saturday night shift at the bookstore. If my life gets any more lonely and sucky I'll see if I can pick up a Sunday shift, too, maybe. I dunno. Books & shelves cheer me up sometimes.

This morning I got up early to watch people run by in the Bay to Breakers marathon. I stood next to a man and his pregnant wife. They kept stepping on my feet & periodically the husband would remind people in the crowd to "be careful, pregnant lady!" I tried very hard to act like I was having fun while drunk guys pretended to fuck inflatable sheep, but I spent most of my time moving out of the way for groups of people and all of their best friends, or couples who were running together, or groups of couples cheering on their coupled friends.

Now I am at home, getting ready for a date. I don't want to go, and I'm in a bad mood.


Blogger matty said...

...i love you. if i could i would just fly across the bridge and hold you.

i so wish you would just call me when those feelings of loneliness attack. ...they attack all of us.

you could have easily kept me, b and bagel company has we drove up a mountain and i tried not to die of panic.

(it was fun. could have been there!)

...i hope your date was fun. i'm going to try and dream that it was fucking awesome.

i'll talk to ya tomorrow, my friend. or, oh, wait. IS tomorrow!

1:40 AM

Blogger ing said...

Sweetness, I know that you love me. And I might've called, but I didn't want to break my promise to meet this guy, since he'd been civil to me and I figured he might be lonely, too, and how crappy would it be to get stood up on a lonely day?

The date was interesting. We argued at the beginning of the date, for a bit, then he had me listen to a couple of his songs on his ipod (they're good!), then we walked in a garden, and then, since his roommates were home & it seemed safe enought, I said I'd look at his home/theater (he lives in a old theater). He showed me his robots (oh, yeah, he makes robots, which he incorporates into his theater pieces, for which he writes his music).

At the end he asked for my phone number, but I was feeling ambivalent/hadn't really made up my mind about anything, so I gave him my email instead.

Ugh, Matty, I have to go back to the auto repair place because one of my warning lights won't go off! I want to just ignore it, but I better take care of it. I don't want to go back! I'm weirdly scared of crashing again.

6:01 AM

Blogger matty said...

I don't think I'd like a date to start off with an argument, but that is just me.

Fingers crossed for the car! I'm sure it is a minor thing.

And, you will not crash! You're a good driver! Just drive with the care you always apply!

10:19 AM

Blogger ing said...

O, the irony!

5:33 PM

Blogger ginab said...

I'd never eat you. Nope. Make your pals vegetarians with minor, minor exceptions, and you'll not feel sad because under no circumstance would a veggie canabalize a friend, make mince meat of anyone, eat moist dog chow, none of it.

I'd eat the lady's string beans though, the last of'em probably neglected by the family she sports. There's a name for her I hope makes you laugh.



6:49 AM


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