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Monday, April 07, 2008



Blogger matty said...

Were you there? Did you take the footage?

So much has happened/changed (and continues to happen/change even quicker) --- I believe the "growth" is something of the likes the world has not really yet seen in modern times --- it seems that the civil rights of some there continue to be trampled.

...but the torch is lit. are played.

The Economist claims we are to approach with care. Another major journalist warns that China has a chip on its shoulder and that we all need to step back and think about the gains that have been made in other areas before we make any "harsh" decisions.


Free Tibet.

Stop the horrors of Darfar.

And STOP this insane war. And, remember, soldiers were never trained or intended to bring peace.

Hey, I'm slipping off this box of mine!

Love this footage!

6:00 AM

Blogger ing said...

Why yes, didn't you recognize me climbing the cables? I'll have to speak to the operator of the camera. I asked for a close-up of my face!

China has often pointed out that the U.S. government has no right to chastise China over human rights issues. But they also say that all this fuss was caused by the Dalai Lama (and not by their own actions).

Ah, well.

6:39 PM


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