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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Are we not men?

Well, I'm no man, not by a long shot.

* * *

Life is short. Take it from the mayfly, whose lifespan lasts from 30 minutes to one day. Not very long, is it? And where are you? Me, I'm more than halfway done, and there's something I learned from my grandma: since we don't have forever and ever, let's focus on the stuff we like doing and the people we want in our lives. The years we have are finite. Have courage. Buck up, li'l trooper. I plan to spend the rest of it with my friends, for as long as I have them. And I have some good ones. I mean to get more. I like who I like, and I guess I've been lucky. I plan to save up, and to travel.


Blogger ing said...

Still don't have my hat! Gargh!

11:55 PM

Blogger Ren said...

Someone once told me that, in life, the worst is always yet to come.

So you're half way through the worst, I guess.

I still can't believe you'd be half way... You don't look a day over the quarter-way mark.

8:25 AM

Blogger PFE Music said...

Will ya be passin through MN during yer second half???

6:05 PM

Blogger ing said...


Such a pessimist!

Though I had some great times, I really do think the best is still coming. I went through the worst a few years ago, and I made it through. It's changed me, for sure. I have (slightly) better judgment, I know a bit more about what I like and don't like, and it's been easier, in some ways, to just be me. But I'm not done yet!

Looks are deceiving, but in some ways I'm much younger than my years. I spent a good portion of my life not really doing those things that people my age were supposed to do. I guess those things were never all that important to me, except in theory.



Maybe I will! Wish I knew how to play an instrument.

6:41 PM

Blogger Ren said...

No pessimism at all... It's just Mom's way of making me realize that things could be worse, so they are better, and to worry about today and let tomorrow take care of itself. And stuff.

At any rate... Yes.

12:40 PM

Blogger sage said...

When compared to a mayfly, I consider myself lucky. But mayflies don't check out by spending months in the hospital with tubes running in and out of their bodies. Now that's a depressing thought! I've made it to the half century mark and suppose I'm on the downhill slide, but I still think I'm in my 30s (if not 20s).

Forget the hat, let your hair fly in the wind and enchant the town.

5:52 AM

Blogger josh williams said...


9:04 PM

Blogger Dan L. said...


I have just only now noticed you have listed syd Barrett as someone you enjoy/admire or whatever.

That dude was incredibly....both interesting and lost! I love what he did for Pink Floyd, but I do not love what happened to his poor self. That poor guy, he was probably too genius...or something, eh?

--Dan L.

3:11 AM

Blogger ginab said...

rock'n roll my friend, rock 'n roll.


2:48 PM

Blogger ahvarahn said...

the trick is to wish for nothing and
to be successful getting it.
i am always saying, i came to
the US with nothing, and still
have most of it; i have probably
told you that before. it’s one of
my tiresome anecdotes. and if you
were here, you would probably say,
you have told me that before.
i think i am turning into my father.
not such a special trick, as a lot
of folk can do it. it's not even
that impressive when a woman does
it - turn into her father that is.

5:08 AM

Blogger matty said...

where will you travel first, fair & in-shape Ingrid??!!??

3:50 PM

Blogger ing said...


Yes, and stuff. . . was your mom Irish? Seems like an Irish kind of optimism, maybe?


Flying, good. Falling out, not so good. My hair is firmly attached, so things are looking up.





dan l.

Ah, yes, I love Syd Barrett - his timing/rhythm is so interesting, and some of his songs are unbelievably pretty. Like "Golden Hair". But I don't know what he was, exactly. . . His songs are brilliant.



I hear you, sister, and I'm rocking so hard!



I can't help wishing for something though, I just can't. Wish I was more noble & could honestly say that I was one of those Eastern-philosophy-bare-minimum-selfless-saint types. But dang it, Avarahn, I like running around at lunchtime in my heels and I like companionship and music and books and flowers. . .

I have to admit, if a woman turned into her father, I'd be pretty amazed. Many turn into their mothers.



PARIS! Wanna join me?

5:46 PM

Blogger matty said...

YES! Take me to Paris!!! I will be your man-servant(e)!

By the way, I LOVE the new profile picture!

Ohhhhhhh! Think of all the fun clothes shopping we can do for you! You've the ultimate body for French fashion-chic!!!!

Yay!, when do we leave?

11:28 AM


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