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Friday, February 08, 2008

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

Matty's adorable little Bagel is getting her tubez tied, and so could everyone please assure him that Bagel won't hardly notice a thing? She might be sleepy for a day or two, but Matty, little dogs pull through this one with amazing grace. You just have to sit back a bit and let her rest. I promise, she'll be happy you did it. She'll be right as rain.

Now. I just spent a fortune at Amoeba, in Matty's honor. This is what I came home with:

A case of the clap.

No, just kidding. This is what I really came home with:

I'll talk to you eventually and later. I have music to listen to, and a whole lot of thinkin' to do, because that's what new music is good for.


Matty, Bagel will be just fine, I know it. I do.



Blogger josh williams said...

I had a friend of mine that was a cat person, he would say "happiness is a basket full of warm kittys" kinda odd I thought and to be sure I made my opinion heard. I have not spoken with my friend for a while. I am allergic to cats, but dogs they are fine people. I grew up with a few bagels, the breed, good rabbit dogs those bagels. But to feed them,the cream cheese cost a fortune! Enjoy your music JW

5:59 PM

Blogger matty said...

Cool music!!!! "Hunky" Dory, in fact!

Poor Little Bagel has not come thru as easily as you told me she would!

She's been crying a lot. The cone (the smallest that is made -- is still too big for her tiny head )

...and she has had a bit of swelling and often doesn't know what to do with herself when she hurts.

...and, she is odd/scary on the pain medication. ...she trips out on our artwork. ...she barked at the cover of Fleetwood Mac Tusk for almost 15 minutes.

Anyway, she does seem to be returning to her old self today excepting the odd moaning/crying sounds she sometimes make when she moves.

She does seem to like being hand fed. She is a little princes. I would want it no other way!

Did they really tie her tubes? I thought they just took out her "girl parts" and tossed them in a bag. No?

3:46 PM

Blogger sage said...

do little dogs get to wear those funny cone collars to keep them from licking? Dogs hate those!

Enjoy your music...

8:14 PM

Blogger atomicelroy said...

When I lived in SF I loved the trip to Amoeba. I got a great Bonzo Dog Band compilation.
I love the new Magnetic Fields.

8:53 PM

Blogger Mone said...

new music is always a real treat :)

3:45 AM

Blogger ginab said...

I'm thinking Shake the Sugar Tree is the best here.

no bias, but then yes I'm biased. hopefully no one sings too much, as I gripe about that. loved it a jazz album made the album of the year. holy god, not since '64!

stan getz?

and so, yes ... nippin' the bud. beabs confounds the male pooches. they like the svelt look of her, oh yeah. she pees to let'em know who she is and then they can't smell her. they smell pee. I even smell it. vitaminZ. but who-she-B? nothing.

Bagel will have the same effect, once she gets over the loss.


PS: it's freezing here. my brakes wouldn't take.

6:27 AM

Blogger ing said...


I'm glad you spoke your mind! But even if you are allergic, you have to admit (don't you?) that kitties are very cute. Still, though, with all that snoring you do, it's best not to aggravate the allergies, and I would never doubt the word of a trusted book reviewer such as yourself.

As far as I know, Matty hasn't made use of the Bagel breed to the extent that he could or should. I'm afraid Bagel is still a pretty little house dog. But one can't fight what's bred in the blood and bone.



Bagel will come through, don't you worry. Yes, it's tough for her right now, but she will heal. We all experience hurt. We do, and that's why we turn out to be the people we become. The great people we become. Pain begets compassion.

I send you and B all of my love.

No, they don't tie her tubes : ) . I'm curious to find out what kind of bag you imagined and what the vet did with that bag afterwards.



Apparently they do. My old dog didn't like her cone much, but it kept her from licking her stitches. It was pretty sad to watch her try and struggle out of it, especially at the point when I saw her give up in resignation. Poor ole dog, I wonder where she is now.



Yes, Amoeba is great! But I think my favorite record store is Aquarius. It's small & music-nerdy. I love looking at their international music section.

I'm slightly disappointed with the new Magnetic Fields. I guess I got stuck on the 69 Love Songs. I'm a sucker for a theme.



Yes it is! Books and music. I just can't resist.



Yes, I think you'd like Elizabeth Cotton a lot! You don't like singing, though? I guess I find it distracting (in a good way). I love lyrics.

Sounds like Beabs is working her magic again. Shakin' the shack. Maybe she provides the dog world with an unreachable ideal. Maybe she keeps their world turning.

Please drive carefully!!

6:32 PM

Blogger matty said...

Oh! I know! I know the answer! It is listed on our bill from the vet! We had to pay for the transport and "safe" destruction of the bag! ...and the cost of the bag! ...which I think was some form of medical plastic.

Bagel doesn't yet seem any stronger. Just more needy. She is not at all happy that she is having to feed herself again!

I think Commander Josh thought that Bagel is a bagel. ...when in fact, she is tiny shih-tzh! That is so funny! Oh, that Commander Josh!

11:01 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

Cats are good people, I just have trouble breathing and my eyes grow itcy. I lived with cats for three years, girlfriend had three, I had a couple of safe rooms in the house, but those soon became corrupted and... well it was me or the cats...So like I said we lived together for three years.
My brother had his dog fixed as they say and a couple of years later she got lost and was missing a couple of days, he posted signs looked all over the place and then he finally got a call, a lady found her and had her fixed...She was shaved and had stitchs. This little girl was really not going to get preggers.

7:24 AM

Blogger ginab said...

Brake line snapped and is replaced. I wish life in a personal way worked like that: snap and replace.

Sounds like my ballet instructor.

On crooners I get tired of them. Why must the singers sing every time the music starts?

a bit much you ask me. But I do like music, all sorts of it. I like the acoustic look of Cotton. I bet the guitar sounds nice.


2:18 PM

Blogger ing said...


Them's the facts.

But do you mean to say that Little Bagel is not, after all, a little bagel? Is a Shih Tzu some kind of sweet, barking pastry?



And what do you think wound up in the plastic bag, then? (I shudder to think.)



Eeeeek! A snapped brake line! I'm glad you're safe & okay.

Snapped and replaced. Things do work that way, except the replacement part takes a long, long, long time to install & the new part doesn't really resemble the original. The part changes, and we change, too.

The guitar does sound nice. You'll see. . .

6:21 PM

Blogger matty said...

Oh no! Is Commander Josh saying that Toilet's dog got fixed twice??!?!?

...I wonder, how could that be?!?!!?

No, Bagel is not a pastry. She is precious little puppy. Tho, you know, she weighed in at 7.9 pounds before the surgery!!?!?!?

However, I think she has lost about one pound since the surgery. She has lost weight. Poor baby.

I wish you could have a puppy. Tho, you would have to overcome your fear of being licked and learn to pick one up.

9:07 AM


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