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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Just Had A Great Weekend

for a variety of reasons. My apartment looks clean (and you know how I feel about cleanliness!); I got to spend some quality time with Matty; Ginab sent me something beautiful, fun, and quirky; and I finally got to meet someone I've been hoping to meet. On Sunday I went for a ride in a rowboat, something I haven't done in years. Today, I feel pretty.

I'll tell you more later. I'm off to yoga with Jehfree, the best yoga teacher in the world. Who knows, it might snow tonight. I send everyone kisses and warm bonfires and the best of the best. More later.

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Blogger matty said...

I'm so happy about your weekend!!!! And, that bonfire that warmed you so!

I look forward to meeting this mystery person to whom I did speak briefly.

And, I'm still so sorry our quality took such a bad turn! I got a horrible migraine over that!

You are always stunning, fashionable and gorgeous! I wish you could see what the rest of us see!

You're always beautiful.

...Plus you have that huge rack. Folks who read my blog call you "Ing with the boobs" ...which I think is a compliment in some parts.

I am not sure that a yoga teacher who plays disco music during his lessons is the best -- but I bet he is most cute!

kisses and lots of love,

6:17 PM

Blogger matty said...

why is it that nothing seems to work at all for me these days.

Still. I have a nice pair of cigar boxes!

I shall keep memories in one. I got rid of the other one which had bad karma I suspect!

6:17 PM

Blogger ginab said...

I'm feeling round as a pumpkin in the middle-drift region of the most unthinking part of me. but I'd love to be as I feel (like a bowl of pudding) to know the birds are singing for you. That's a type of 'let' bird I think. As in a kinglet type, but cali style. loves meadows.

i hope it's not dead tho, like you know in those books on birds sometimes....!

by the way,


you're the greatest!!!!!

1:59 PM

Blogger ing said...


Oh, I only saw the bonfire from a distance, but now I want to build one and roast something.

Did I cause a migraine? God, I'm so sorry! It wasn't really a bad turn, it was just me feeling not-so-pretty. Some days are like that, I guess.

I often take solace in my front bumper, and though it's quite heavy, it hasn't gotten in the way of my yoga moves. But believe me, my yoga teacher is the best! Except when he makes us stay in dolphin plank for five minutes (get in pushup position, but lay your elbows and forearms on the mat, and clasp your hands). And when he tells us to balance on our hands with our legs draped over our shoulders. Then I silently curse him. But it's all for the greater good.



That bird you see there is a Townsend's warbler. Isn't she a beaut? I suspect she's not dead and stuffed for the pic, but I can't swear to it. I saw a real live one on Sunday.

xoxoxoxoxoxo back, sweets! You are not a pumpkin. Just force yourself to do fifteen minutes of ab work and afterwards, get into a dolphin plank and stay there for five minutes.

7:05 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

ing: Its six degrees in Indy as of 11:11 PM I'm chilled but do not hold it against you for having a nice weekend.Think I will poor myself another cup of Joe and put on something knitted. Cheers JW

8:13 AM

Blogger ginab said...

I'll stick to swimming half a mile x 4 times a week and to lifting weights x 3 times a week. There's nothing to control the hormones my chum, is what I meant. Except maybe a song by a towns(h)end sing-songstress. But if you don't know the pudding feel of their magic, why, hold off even longer if you can!.

thwack without tongue,


8:19 AM

Blogger ing said...

Josh, it's freezing here in San Francisco. Maybe 40? Just ungodly cold. I can't stand it! Put on your knitty-knits, and don't look back.



Are you withholding tongue? Okay, I'll settle in to my hormonal softness. But maybe yoga will help. . .

8:19 PM

Blogger matty said...

Oh! Hurry! Have another great one!!!!

6:23 AM

Blogger ahvarahn said...

the townsend's warblers are not what they seem

2:24 PM

Blogger ing said...


I did! I'll tell you later. . .



They aren't? Tell me! Tell me! (That statement's sort of mysterious and scary.)

9:44 PM


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