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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why I'll Never Be a Great Leader Who Makes Famous Speeches

What I mean and won't ever say is that I want to feel — or rather, know — that in the minds of the people I choose to include (i.e. when I carve out some time and share it), I am to them as they are to themselves, at least to some degree. I'd like others to value me as they value themselves, as evidenced in their words and their actions, because that's where knowing begins. And once the way they value me has been demonstrated, I'd like to reciprocate. First one, then the other.


Blogger ginab said...


you want to bare all, like that woman in the painting...which I remember seeing displayed in a Romanticism (sp) course in such. We started out looking at naturalisms take on man and nature. Bunch of wanna-be ballerina's those men back then, and those poor cows mearly inches tall in comparison! Then realism (and combined there's romance, but we were crossing hairs and genres in the class--novel, poems, ballet, painting--many movements. When realism smacked the canvas, people appeared muscling against landscapes and declarative, much much more declarative than before. Figures started to march and sometimes in marching, with no explanation except they'd been marching, blow me down there went their shorts and boots.

Like this woman looses her dress sleeve and there's her boob and it's not like she's double-triple daring the men around her to notstare at her erect nipple.

She's waving the flag. And you can too and you won't be slandering nobody. Sounds so New York, slandering nobody.


2:17 PM

Blogger matty said...

Ok, Ok, OK --- I'll lend you the special pole with velvet stand, but this time I want it cleaned when you return it!

(seriously, sending you a hug!)

4:57 PM

Blogger ing said...


I just want a little respect, that's all. And I want to see people treat others as they'd like to be treated themselves, NOT because they've been reminded to do so, but because they know that this is the only sane way to behave and the only way we'll ALL come out ahead.



I appreciate that, I do. But I'd rather you stay away from my corner in the 'loin. After watching those models in Eyes of Laura Mars, I've learned how to pull hair.

6:55 PM


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