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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Oh, man, is it already bedtime on Sunday night? Well, I've paid my bills, and I can stay in my beautiful, tiny SF apartment for one more year, and I'm on the verge of being wireless again, and I like someone who's cute and nice, and he likes me, too, and. . .


I stayed up until all hours eating, listening to music, and talking to a someone who enjoyed Fishing With John. No new birds to report, just a long Friday (which is how Fridays should be!), a little sleep, a huge breakfast, and I think more nice times in store. 'Nuff said. I am happy & looking forward & feeling some optimism.


As I said, a huge breakfast, and in addition, several pugs. One of which was tied up outside a coffee place & had reached an age of weird toadishness. It responded to my petting with what seemed like friendly anxiety. Then I hopped in a cab and went to Japantown to meet adorable Miss S and the cool Miss M, who is visiting from Tucson. We did the usual wakame-beer-photo booth-bookstore-more food-more beer-back to my pad-tea-walk in the rain-kind of thing. Miss S was able to find her pornographic manga she so dearly loves, and after listening to Miss M's report, I'm sort of thinking about what it might be like to wind up in Tucson in some distant future. Cheap houses, y'all! Sunshine, good music, cactus, and lots of writing to be done.

This house is out of my range, but you get the picture. Old houses in disrepair are meant to be purchased and fixed up and loved.

After I dropped Miss S and Miss M at the MUNI station, I spent some time on the phone with ginab, who reported that men like to GRUNT when they lift weights, though you don't hear much from them in bed (I'm putting this quite a bit more delicately than ginab did because I am a lady, through and through). I don't hear much grunting in the Castro gym at which I have a membership. Except from myself, when I'm trying to do yoga. I remember certain noises, however, from the apartment above Matty's. Loud ones! I guess everything's backwards here in SF.


Why is it so much easier to write about the bad days than the good days? I mean, I'm keeping some of the good stuff private, that's true. You don't want the details of old-person dating and so forth. But sheesh, my Sunday!

At the risk of sounding like a complaining a-hole, then. . .

It started out great, because I slept in until 10, got up at 11, and read a great story from the collection Miss T gave me for Xmas. Gina Berriault had a unique handle on the short story and the subtleties of character. And really, if you like short stories, you MUST buy her collection entitled Women in their Beds.

I lazed around until the afternoon, then I went to the nearest Circuit City to pick up a car stereo my awesome dad bought me for Christmas. First, though, the spiral road up to the 3rd floor parking garage is unbelievable steep! So steep that at one point my tires were spinning and I couldn't go anywhere. So I was stuck in the middle of this narrow spiraling path, everything stinking of hot rubber, my legs shaking. My e-brake wouldn't even stop my car from inching backwards & with the stickshift, I just couldn't get up the hill. I finally thought to back down and try again (lucky for me, nobody was following), and after a running start, I made it.

But okay, big box stores like Circuit City confuse the hell out of me. So after trying three elevators and opening about twenty doors in search of stairs, I finally figured out how to get down to the store part, where I then had to discern what kind of stereo was covered by my gift certificate. I have a sneaking suspicion these kinds of tasks are, for most people, really easy. Once I made my choice, up I went to the installation guy, who looked in my side window and kind of grumbled about what he saw there in my dash, and then he said he'd call me in about an hour.

I went back downstairs to the main floor, thinking maybe there would be something interesting to pretend to shop for, but I guess circuit-y stuff just doesn't interest me. An employee asked "Do you need help finding anything, baby?" and I said no. He very kindly & leeringly suggested that I should ask him if I needed anything & he called me baby again. I wandered out to the street and feeling sort of rootless, I stood outside in the rain looking at my map and trying to figure out how to drive back home. This went on for some time, as I don't have a sense of direction. After I'd memorized all that, I went over to Mel's Diner, though I wasn't hungry, and pretended to eat some onion rings. Why do the waitresses at Mel's wear embroidered napkins in their hair?

After I'd killed an hour and a half examining the front of the menu, I went back to check on my car. The installer-guy said that he had no idea how to install my stereo, and maybe I should go see a movie up the street. Clearly, me seeing a movie wasn't going to enlighten him, so after a few phone calls he suggested I drive over to the Circuit City in Emeryville next weekend (which I will, but gaw!).

So I drove back home with a new car stereo in its box and two small bags of wires.

There's more, there's more, but it doesn't get interesting, I'm afraid. Chores. Tedious chores, downtown and right here at home.

Awwww, man, it's bedtime, and tomorrow is Monday.

Good night, and good night, and good night.

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Blogger matty said...

Well, I'm sending someone an email!

I'm so glad Miss S got her porn fix! That is so important!

I like waitresses who wear napkins in their hair, men who call me 'Baby' and the grunts of hard sex. I heard those quite a bit in The Castro. Some even came from my bedroom! It is neat that way. Same holds true in Oakland.

You should hear what we hear sometimes! I think Gina needs a change of men. Or, maybe only gay men are noisy in bed. I like noisy in bed.

I got off topic.

Oh! Circuit City! Yes, a nightmare. I think you were on Van Ness! Why didn't you call me? I would have gotten that installed for you and climbing up that hill could have been fun had I been with you!

...Sort of like Lucy and Ethel. Don't worry, You'd be Lucy. I'd be Ethel. However, you can have Fred. I still get to have Ricky. I think Ethel had Ricky on the side anyway. Still waters run deep.

Wait. Is this a comment or a post? I don't remember. Anyway, Miss S got her porn, you picked up your stereo and we need to get it installed.

I think we shall go to your car dealership! New cars are difficult for installs!

I'm sending you an email now!

9:51 AM

Blogger ginab said...

I used to have to wear a waitress uniform of pink and beige. I used to think, "how wrong," about only two colors more mismatched than colors can be (with one technically a non color). I still think how wrong misfits work to not install a brand new car stereo, and waitresses in San Fran of all cities in the world wear doilies on their heads like sexy mormons. And then about writing about the bad versus the good (any woman wouldn't mind hearing the positives about a date by jimbo...Oh! I just remembered what I said that was so unladerly like of me and yet it was very lady indeed and YOU (in all CAPS) LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED at three and a half minutes after the top of the hour, greenwich meantime, it's the pesky jubilee runner once again bearing lupids (and that's just a taste of what you'll get to hear on that car stereo/radio of yours).

raining here.

2:20 PM

Blogger ing said...


I like men who call me "baby" when they're suave about it & can pull it off with a certain tone of sexy admiration. The scary, leering guys who say it in a sort of bossy, imperious way? Not so much.

Yes, I was on Van Ness, and I didn't think you'd enjoy the whole thing. But climbing that hill would have been so much fun, had you been there by my side, no doubt!

We can share Ricky as long as you understand that he is ultimately mine. But poor Fred!

In any case, I will get that stereo installed and ipod ready. If you're around on Saturday, we're on!



Pink and beige. Very bad! Pink and orange are soo much better together.

Okay, maybe the ladies (and men) would like to hear the good details, but all I'm going to say here is that I had a great date, and I like this person, and he's just plain cute.

Your unrepeatable comment was quite funny, yes, and I will remember it!

Clear here, and cold. A few pink clouds. Gorgeous.

5:58 PM

Blogger matty said...

I'm heading out for the day. I have to ride 2 MUNI buses.

I just put a napkin on my head with tiny black hair pins. And, I'm armed with my Hello Kitty umbrella.

Oh, and I've slip'd into my gorgeous pink and beige rain slicker.

I think I look -- really pretty.

talk to ya soon, BABY! (wink!)

11:03 AM

Blogger ing said...

matty, are you pretending to work at Mel's? You need black slacks and a fitted blouse. The pink-and-beige slicker is a nice touch, and the napkin will earn you a lot of tips & free rides on MUNI.

Can I have a side of onion rings, please?


6:25 PM

Blogger matty said...

Oh, no. I was simpling heading to Butter Cup for a big order of French Toast with extra syrup and a side of bacon.

...I'm cutting down.

But, is Mel's hiring!?!?!

Their wait staff seems a bit lost at times. Maybe I could bus tables for an hour or so a day. It's a goal.

5:13 AM


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