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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beth Lisick

Last night I saw Beth Lisick, who wrote a very funny new book called Helping Me Help Myself. It's an account of how, over a one-year period, she read and followed the advice of one self-help book per month. What a great idea!

Beth Lisick

Had a blast, got my book signed ("To my best friend, my inspiration, my secret lover."), and afterwards I went out with my friend T to this bar called the Edinburgh Castle where we talked to lots of writer-types and dashing men with Scottish accents.

Finally opened my mail (ginab, thanks!!). I'm off to do chores, then back home for a shower, then out again for a night of music and friends and books. Things are looking up again, and I'm happy. Whew!


Blogger matty said...


...that writer looks like you! Only you're hotter and have better hair!

I love the idea of her book!

Why did the boys have Scottish accents?

Did you sing along with Bonnie?


7:33 AM

Blogger josh williams said...

Cheers! Books is good.

4:31 PM

Blogger ginab said...

your mail box must be on your roof!

glad you received something to cheer you finally.

I saw the job I want. mums the word. or else jinx. Probably Beth Lisick knows the book I should read. I'm all into the myths and nypmhs tho and playing those roles out. maybe it's selfish help. or, I dunno. the mortals though had it. still not quick enough in my own mind to figure out is Aura immortal or mortal? She was an absolute cad-b. Sounds like a she-male, but hey. she wasn't someone I'd invite to a party, to dinner, to the store. imagine her, as i am sure you can (washington square) anywhere else.

glad you're upbeat. watch you're not so much you thumb rides. ;-)


10:38 AM

Blogger ginab said...

PS: I keep thinking about that sweater song.

8:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dinky,

at what bookstore did you see beth lisick?


is that Red Hill Books????

the one on the corner of Bennington and cortland????

401 Cortland to be exact?

That one?

is that the one?

that's so cool.

where is it again?

i hear TONIGHT they're featuring the films of Danny Plotnick and Chuck Prophet is playing live for free.

whoa dude

3:18 PM


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