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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lost Weekend, Found Weekend

New haircut! New haircut! That's how I started my weekend, a fresh start, new hair. I was sorely tempted to chop it all off, but I decided to not be so drastic.

Hair in my eyes. Something to hide behind.

* * *

Easter. Saint Patrick's. Two holidays that came and went, and I barely noticed. It's sad not to have a family to celebrate with, but I guess it's less sad than it used to be.

I went to a friend's house this Easter and we made food — so much of it! I was fed asparagus, bread, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes of all hues, and probably six cups of coffee. Eggs, bacon, potato pancakes. Pure generosity. Fueled by coffee and weeks of keeping things bottled inside I talked, and I was listened to. Very nice, to have a listener, and to listen. Back and forth.

After that I came home and was listened to some more, by another friend, who touched on the radiance of fortunate women and those who are less so. Ah, nice.

I called my family, but they weren't home. I had a few similar brushes with experience, near-misses, all a result of my own reluctance. By way of contrast, these brushes inform the real, solid stuff of life. By solid, I mean being sought out on a day that was meant to be spent in company and having a full stomach and achieving satisfaction. I've been starved.

This weekend contained some mystery, too. Someone secretly passed me a note, crumpling it into my palm. Someone else has my favorite hat, and I called him to ask for it back. I wonder if it's on a table, hanging on a hook, given away as a gift, floating down a river.

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Blogger matty said...

Oh, I hope you get the hat back!

Can't wait to see the hair-do! It looks awesome!


That's why I kept seeing chocolate rabbits and eggs!

I never "get" Easter!

6:45 AM

Blogger ginab said...

I love the color except I am willing to bop your stylist good for the price tag. damn her/him/it.


you look tres chic and curious, uplooking/looking up.

did you know easter is supposed to be the most religious holiday? and I'm taking a poll of sorts of religious people and no one but no one can tell me why oh why it is. I don't feel the pang of missing enemies around this time of year, just saddled and like we spoke.

my back is feeling better or (matty!) drugs work.

snow much snow on the ground I'm about to whip out a straw.


PS: you made a point once about classifying oneself as taken and then being more attractive. yep.

1:39 PM

Blogger ginab said...

snow much snow on the ground I'm about to whip out a straw?!?!?


1:40 PM

Blogger ing said...


Drivin' man! I LOVE it when you call me at work! I do!

The hairdid turned out kind of great, I think. Still getting used to it, but it's yoga-tastic & looks good even when sweaty.

I don't "get" Easter myself. I mean, I know the whole story behind it, but since the last time I went searching for eggs, it's not so fun. No, I have some good Easter memories involving springtime, California, and oceans.

I don't really get "chocolate," though. I like it fine, but I'd rather have french fries or spinach.



I pay a price, I do.

Who says that Easter is the most religious of holidays? What about Diwali (sp?) and Ramandan and all that noise? Is it the egg factor? Hmmmm. . .

Stay away from the snow! Stay far away from the snow! It deviates the septum & you start saying "snow" for "so". I'm not too late, am I?

6:40 PM

Blogger ing said...

p.s. Matty:

No sign of my hat! If I don't hear about it by Weds. I call him again. Gargh, I want my hat!

6:57 PM

Blogger matty said...

Spinach over chocolate?!?!?!

Oh, dear.

I hope you get your hat back! We will have to go shopping for a new one if it doesn't show up soon!

We both "get" shopping!

12:52 PM

Blogger sage said...

With hair like that, why do you need a hat? Sounds like a delicious Easter.

6:48 PM

Blogger ing said...


Mmmmm, raw spinach over melted bitter chocolate. . . the way the hot chocolate would sort of cook the spinach. Why does that sound good to me? Am I preggers? (No chance in hell.)

Let's go hat shopping! I'll call the Scottish boy again, but it doesn't seem promising.



Awww, you know just what to say!! Thanks!

6:52 PM

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I don't think there's anything better than bacon and eggs with potato pancakes, listening and being listened to.

Did you get your hat back?

8:37 PM


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