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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where I'm Headed

Woah, woah, woah. Screeeeeeech (crunch).

I've met a number of people since I left my wedding dress on a hanger and ran off to San Francisco. It's been confusing, because I think I know people, and so I create this schema to explain why they do what they do, and then they say or do something that doesn't quite fit the schema, and then they become different versions of the same people. Which stirs the waters, making me uneasy in the short term, and more settled in the long term. But why settled? Because with every misstep there's a correction, and corrections feel better than accidents.

And besides, the closer I get to knowing a person, the more I tend to like them. The funny thing is, the very things that might steer me closer to this place of understanding are the same things people de-emphasize about themselves. And if they de-emphasize the things that don't fit into my schema, I filter them out (which means I'm a poor listener, or a manipulator - dang!).

On top of all that, the events of the past explain only that we've been affected, and the that part is inadequate. And please, don't get me started on the how part. I mean, do we, ourselves, really understand how the events of the past affect us? I've done a lot of work trying to figure that out for myself, and I don't think I'll ever get to the bottom of it. So how can I, or we, ever get to the bottom of anyone else?

It's this process of corrections that eventually leads us to where we're going, and it's taking so long to get there. But I happen to know that where I'm headed is a lovely place (no, I'm not talking about death! I'm talking about right here!). If you are a friend, I'll meet you there.


Blogger matthew said...

So, what time do we meet up?

Just think -- after this weekend we'll be in the same city again!!!

(I love this post, by the way!)

9:32 AM

Blogger ginab said...

yikes...I'm a door slammer on the foot gal. I won't listen to voices on the floor. I won't walk toward fire. I don't care from whereth the bullshit blazed first to lead someone to get in my face.

but can I still meet you there?

2:35 PM

Blogger ing said...


Well, I gather you're busy this weekend, but maybe in the next one? I miss seeing movies with you, and dismissing the crap previews, and getting excited about the good previews, and eating popcorn! Yay! You're coming back! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Matty, I really really do!



I expect you to be there, and I will drag you there if I have to. Well, okay, that technique doesn't really work with you. Let's just say you will breeze in of your own accord and that will make it all the more lovely.

Can't WAIT to see you!!!!!!

10:51 PM

Blogger sage said...

I'm envious, it looks like you're heading to a beautiful place--the Canadian Rockies!

How does these two statements go together:"left the wedding dress on the hanger" and "the closer I get to someone the more I like them?" Just being a smart-A

9:42 AM

Blogger ing said...


Well, not literally. But I hope to wind up somewhere cleaner, fresher, and simpler. I would like for things to be simple for a while. But-uh, I have another chaotic month ahead of me, because I'M MOVING! IT'S OFFICIAL! TO CELEBRATE, I'M BUYING ME A ROUND BED!!!

Oh, and about the dress - that had to do with creating a schema and then finding myself utterly confused and then I made the proper adjustment & was so incredibly unsettled by it, and I guess I avoided a head-on. Whew!

5:52 PM

Blogger purplesimon said...

It's a long way but I'll start swimming tomorrow. Might take me 'til Christmas, and that's if the icebergs don't sink me!

purplesimon out...

3:43 AM


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