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Monday, May 26, 2008


I had a long & interesting weekend. On Friday I fed some dear friends in Oakland, and I the next day at work I may have won someone over. A peripheral friend came in with a map and showed me the location of the Santa Cruz Mountain wildfire (the house I used to own is still safe). I met someone who might turn out to be a new friend, and I went for a walk with a friend whose company I enjoy very much. I talked on the phone to several friends, and today, today, today. Well, today was a quiet day, punctuated by one good conversation about all of this.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to fix my car, and then after work I'll meet the person who might be my new landlord. I have no idea what the rest of the week holds, but I wish every weekend lasted three days.

I may be moving soon.


Blogger ginab said...

oh and I could use another of the three days.

that chocolate cake looks yummy. I've nary a thing in my tummy.

must work, as I was on a roll, until I came this way and said, "ooh" and "oh".

12:54 PM

Blogger ing said...


Yeah, me too. What a confusing weekend! Good, but confusing.

I did learn one very important lesson: I can no longer eat an entire piece of chocolate cake, and I probably shouldn't even try.

8:53 PM


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