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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm So Happy

right now, and I think things are starting to look up. Whew! Finally!

I had this dream the other night (I've dreamed it before), and I'm pretty sure it's a good-luck dream. In it, I have a baby. Which I don't think is something I've ever really wanted, but in the dream I feel so great. Sometimes I can't tell whether it's human or whether it's a kitten. Either way I gave birth to it, and I am fulfilled.

I've been looking around me and finding the good. At work, for instance, out behind the building I discovered a trail that runs alongside a creek. Lining the trail are all kinds of fragrant sages and fruiting trees. Cherries, apricots, figs, and apples. I love it back there, and it's nice to step out in the afternoon to watch the birds and the squirrels.

Things are changing, and I'm considering taking a third job at Yoga Garden, two hours a week, in exchange for two weekly classes. But I don't know. . . I'm pretty busy as it is, and I need to leave some free time to write stories and read books. That's the main thing. I can always pop in for the occasional yoga or rock-climbing class.

I feel like baking a pie. But I still have lots of work to do. Tomorrow is my employee evaluation. Wish me luck.


Anonymous 'ewis said...

Really nice to hear things are working out well. Again, if you need a hand moving or toting or bale-lifting or apt cleaning to get your deposit back, give a hollah.

I think that's Cordinices Creek you are seeing!

2:05 PM

Blogger ing said...


Cordinices, eh? Wow, I love that creek. It's a nice, shady spot & nobody else at work seems to be aware that it's there. I think I'll keep it a secret.

The movers are coming Sunday afternoon, and I'll get the place spic and span Sunday night, when my apartment is empty. No worries. How 'bout getting a slice of pie with me, after I'm all moved in, 'ewis?

5:44 PM

Blogger sage said...

Interesting dream, being fulfilled is good, I've been dreaming a lot lately, you've got me thinking about them. That bridge looks nasty, but I've crossed a few like it and they make you appreciate the other side mroe.

1:27 PM

Anonymous 'ewis said...

...i'm a really good housecleaner, but do it cha own self if that's what you think is best...

pie makes my teeth hurt

cake makes my heart race

even in antici

2:22 PM

Blogger ing said...


Woah, last night I dreamed I had extra nostrils in the end of my nose. So I had, like, four nostrils. I don't know what THAT means. But in the dream it felt like this odd sign of distinction, and it made me proud. Weird-looking, though.

I've crossed similar bridges, in another country. The trick is to hold tight to the cables. I'm almost to the other shore!



That's funny - anticipation makes my teeth hurt, cake makes me full, and pie. . . well, pie just makes me hungry for more pie.

5:48 PM

Blogger sage said...

Extra nostrils, maybe your sinuses were clogged and you were needing more air--I remember sleeping in the Sierras at 13000 feet and waking up dreaming I was being smothered--I'd fight to get out of the bag only to get back in quickly because it was damn cold.

Thanks for the Davis link--she has a lot of short stories there and it was fun to listen to her read them.

I hope your evaluation went well. I hate 'em--giving and receiving them!

8:08 PM

Blogger ing said...


Oddly, I love evaluations. I love honesty, and I've been lucky enough to choose the kind of workplaces (independent companies that care about writing!) that give me fair feedback. My goal, always, is to be a stellar human being, & the kind of feedback I get is usually translatable to the rest of my life. If I had God, I could go with whatever I decided The Bible tells us. But life is chaos. So if there was a god, this being would have to be pretty dang interested in our short & complicated lives to be assailing each of us with our own personal chaos so that we could really test all those codes and lessons. Which is tough to believe. So I learn as I go.

I talked to a dear friend today about (among other things) the new wildfire that sprung up near my ex-house. My ex-house may soon be a pile of coal atop a concrete foundation. So it goes. I am an incredibly lucky person to have escaped it, all of it.

I'm so glad you like Lydia Davis. She was married to Paul Auster, at some point. She writes perfect sentences with perfect punctuation, and more than anything anywhere, I envy the way she uses commas. If you ever get the chance, have a look, because though punctuation is aural, I think hers is particularly visual. Almost No Memory is an amazing collection.

Bedtime. ZZZ. Can't wait to find out what you think of Sentimental, Heartbroken Rednecks.

Nighty night. I still have some packing to do.

8:33 AM

Blogger sage said...

My problems with evaluations has to do with most of them being meaningless--it sounds as its different in the publishing world (which is good for anyone interested in writing has to be willing to listen to others...) Although this is not the case for my blog, but pretty much anything else that goes on with my name on it has been reviewed by one or two others and I accept their suggestions. Being a stellar individual is an honorable goal.

Sometime I'll have to write more about my thoughts on God; such thoughts are mentioned in my blog, but I try not to be dogmatic about it.

I'm glad you no longer have to worry so much about your house--but I hope it's okay. I hope the fires end out there by next week, when, after a conference, I'm taking a few days by myself to head up into the Sierras and Northern Nevada.

You'd mentioned "A Natural History of Western Trees." I did some checking up on the book--it sounds like an interesting read and a book to keep in my nature collection. I was looking up Peattie's work--it seems he was working on a Natural History of Southern Trees when he died. I did notice there is a combined (but abridged) volumne of his two "Natural History of Trees" books titled "A Natural History of North American Trees" Verlyn Kinkenborg writes the forward--Have you read his book "The Last Fine Time?" It's essentially a history of Buffalo NY told through the eyes of a bar that his father-in-law owned. As for Western Trees--have you read "A Garden of Bristlecone" by Michael Cohen? It's also a natural history.

I posted a review of "Sentimental, Heartbroken Rednecks" a couple of days ago.

6:05 AM

Blogger ginab said...

you are busy as it is or manic! stop all the working! you've been evaluated now (not sure how I came up with the 8th in my head as the date...'Sunday'? but I did). you got your come uppance.

you gave birth to it unnameable and feel relieved.

see you soon!


6:28 AM

Blogger josh williams said...

Employee evaluation. I run in fear!
Wait. I am kinda of an employer and... I run in fear!

10:45 PM

Blogger ing said...


I will read your review soonishly - it's already late, and I haven't unpacked a thing, and tomorrow night I guess I'm going to a show, meaning that I'm not going to be unpacked for quite some time. I wish I could find my towels, at least.

Oooh, and I don't think I've read or even seen either of the books you mentioned. The one written from the point of view of a bar sounds awfully interesting, and I've seen bristlecone pines, for sure. And I once saw this really sad documentary about the man who accidentally killed the oldest living tree, a bristlecone pine, which was almost 5,000 years old. Sad, I mean, because he killed the tree, and sad because he was horrified when he realized what he had done. I remember watching it and wondering what it would be like to be him.



I'm not manic, I'm just incredibly busy. . . I can't WAIT to go to bed tonight.

I ate too much dinner. Good thing I had to park far away.

I LOVE my new bathtub!



Are you one of those bosses who never comes out of their office? Not even to pee or get coffee? Do you sneak out the window at maybe 2:00 after turning on a tape recording meant to sound like you're still in your office, talking on the telephone?

Stop it, Josh! Stop!

10:35 PM

Blogger sage said...

Michael covers that story in his book--it happened in what is now Great Basin National Park--it's been a few years since I read it, but if I remember correctly, the scientist's boring equipment broke and he got permission to cut the tree down and even the guy with the saw wasn't happy about doing it. They're beautiful trees and I love to be up among them--the book is published by the Univ. of Nevada Press. I don't remember who published The Last Fine Time, but it was a regular publisher, not a university one.

4:40 AM


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