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Monday, March 05, 2007

Scary Rabbits

Well, sweetses, this has been one hectic month.

I’ve been thinking about this city I live in. Maybe you’ve heard about San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom, with his velveteen hair? Scandalous!

And I have moved into a straightish neighborhood swarming with young Caucasian men who are fifteen years younger than I. My 'hood is chock full of junkies and astoundingly stupid (judging from theif cell phone conversations) college kids who like to drink booze in sports bars disguised as Irish bars, and prefect healthy couples walking perfect healthy dogs with silken hair. I have no idea what to make of all this, but I hope the little businesses in the neighborhood are thriving.

There are places I’d go just because of the incredible window displays. Such as the window at Grin And Wear It on 735 Haight. They have a ten-foot tall window with the most amazing Easter display featuring three life-size mannequins in costume.

The mannequin to the far left stands by himself, for he’s the silent type you’ve seen in old Westerns, a philosopher with a creed. His torso is encased in orange felt. From the orange felt body emerge the legs, arms, and face of the wearer, a painted model wearing fishnets and a rubber half-mask that has one large, yellow eye embedded in the forehead. At first I thought he was supposed to look like a habanero pepper – but that would be illogical, given the context. No, this, my friends, is not a pepper, but a carrot.

To the right of the carrot man are two mannequins in furry rabbit outfits. As you may or may not know, I’m a fan of scary rabbits, which have been underutilized (my New Future Husband, David Lynch, uses them in Inland Empire, and you’ve seen Donny Darko and Sexy Beat, yes?). One of the rabbits in the window I’m describing wears a pink costume, and the most terrifying thing about him is his stance: his hands rest on his coquettishly cocked hips while he grins down at the viewer with an expression both cruel and joyous. Really, he’s posing much too realistically, and it’s the juxtaposition of the real and the fake that frightens me. I’d rather not know what's making him so happy, as I’m sure it’s heinous.

The other rabbit has wide eyes, long lashes, and buck teeth. This rabbit’s head is something you might have seen when you were a young child, watching a parade. Psychologically damaging, a source of phobias and recurring nightmares, each of us has an image we'll never shake. The rabbit in the display holds one of the crepe paper flowers that graces the land of this window, enormous things with rubber Dick Cheney masks at their centers.

Suspended above the rabbits is a lacy parasol, and you might have noticed the wires? You can't see this in the pictures I took, but flashes of light shoot through the wires, creating a lightning storm effect.

I only wish that from my own window I could watch this display change and evolve. But I guess it's good for me to get out on the street and photograph things at night while angry homeless men brush up against me, mumbling veiled threats. At times like these, I start to think that these beautiful windows were decorated just for me, and then I feel less alone in the city, and more priveleged. Because it's nice to know that someone out there shares my nightmares.

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Blogger Mone said...

There are freaks everywere, I miss the cityfeeling. Living at the country side it is rather seldom to see individuality. Enjoy :)

1:05 AM

Blogger wallycrawler said...

The Flaming Lips come to mind for me .

I'd love to see a rabbit slice off Chaney's head and display it a window . It's weird , but a good sentiment .

4:53 AM

Blogger matty said...

I agree with Wallycrawler -- makes me think of The Flaming Lips. ...and, that is not a bad thing!

So, you're to marry Mr.Lynch...

Have you told Beck?

Have you asked for the divorce?

I fear he may not be the mellow gold we once thought.

I don't care much for rabbits. They discuss odd conspiracy and seem to come equipment with oddly timed laugh tracks. Most worrying.

we'll miss ya tonight, kid!

By the way, next time I pass with my silky perfect hair I expect a hug dammit!

6:58 AM

Blogger AhvaRahn said...

While I was reading I wondered aloud, I hope she is not wandering the new streets at night snapping pictures of windows, and then I see the homeless comment. This sounds like a Lynch muse itself. I loved Darko, and Inland Empire finally makes it to Boston on Friday (I was beginning to think that Mr Lynch was going to have to do a dog and pony trek and show it on a large bedsheet in various community centers – but I would been there helping him with the projector) .

And yes, it looks like an carrot, albeit organic; I suspect the model underneath is Scarlett and her beestung lips –glad to see her back in some interesting roles though.

Have fun and take care Ing. Tell those homeless guys that this camera is really a sophisticated something-or-other that can inflict, eh... it can just inflict, ok!.

5:46 PM

Blogger ginab said...

Geez, window theatre! And scary when the camera gets up into the nostrils! Here in midwest Heaven we have Cadbury (sp) creme eggs in stock and the color pink appears everywhere: lining the ears of marshmallow bunnies; painting plastic eggs; wrapping Dove chocolate rabbits.

I have no idea when Easter hatches its bunny eggs. I thought that very sentence in a store earlier tonight. In normal lingo, "When is Easter?" Now I figure it's your wedding day to Mr. Lynch.


8:31 PM

Blogger ginab said...

Trips are for kids???


2:28 PM

Blogger ing said...


Well, I bet some of the country freaks are a lot of fun, too, eh? Once you get to know them?



Yes, now that you mention it. . . I'm sure that the rabbits we see in this window are capable of great violence. But Cheney looks so happy about the whole thing, it worries me.



No, it's not a bad thing. That Wayne Coyne is a hottie!

I haven't bothered to tell Beck about David. I just quietly parted ways with my former love. We weren't married yet, we were engaged for what was meant to be an eternity of pure bliss. But I changed my mind. David doesn't want to get engaged at all. He's all wrapped up in his intellect and his woodworking projects. But we have an "understanding" and a very meaningful companionship.

Don't worry about the rabbits. They're a natural part of your inner psyche, and they always talk in circles. Just chill with the rabbits, and try not to think about the deeds they've done and the mysteries that live inside their tiny sawdust hearts.



Wander I did. I've been wandering these streets an awful lot, lately, at night. I wonder if this is a safe thing to do. So far, I haven't had any frightening encounters. I try to limit these wanderings to Friday and Saturday nights, when there are more people out on the street.

I hate to stay in, you know? There will be more pictures of store windows in the future.

As for the homeless guys, most of the Haight homeless seem to have trouble standing up, which is a pity. I think they're relatively harmless. The scary ones seem to hang out downtown.

But I will be careful. I now recognize most of the homeless people who hang around the bookstore & vicinity, and so far I've concluded that they're pretty nice people. Maybe I'll get to know a few around here, too.



This is the only Easter display I've seen so far, though I think there's usually a fantastic display of Easter bonnets in The Castro hardware store.

Yes, when is Easter? I know it's always on a Sunday, and it's sometime in April. I just LOVE springtime! Now that the trees around here are beginning to blossom, I keep running through pockets of sweet-smelling air. It's so lovely. And to stand in a shower of falling petals. . .

9:03 PM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

There are such cool stores on Haight. My favourite was the aardvark- veru cute clerk on the cash, who stood in from of endless "Burning Man" goggles and chatted in a friendly manner as I scooped up a pure wool coat for $25.

Looking forward to going back. Tomorrow I fly! (god I sound like Yoda)

5:02 AM

Blogger josh williams said...

When you Wed Mr Lynch will you take his name? He would like the window display I would wager. Have you made out the invitations, big doings I suggest! Beck will take his pain and turn it into art, so its a win win...

7:20 AM

Blogger ing said...


Unfortunately, I think a lot of the cool businesses have gone by the wayside. The coolest are still the used record stores. There are a few new businesses -- people who design and make their own clothing, and a couple of fancy home decor/flower shops. Way above my budget, I'm afraid. This part of San Francisco caters to the very wealthy, and from what I can see, a lot of other people get shut out. It's an odd place. Those who don't earn a great deal of money are leaving the city. It's a pity. We're going to lose our artists.



Mr. Lynch and I are not going to wed, not formally and legally. No, I won't take his name. I'll have his heart, though.

And I predict Beck will do another Sea Change kind of album, but this one will be even sadder. Poor guy.

2:06 AM

Blogger AhvaRahn said...

I recognize some of the homeless faces here too, but then I recognize when they go missing. It was so cold here on Tuesday (not that the other days have been any better) and a two minute lunchtime walk gave me ice-cream head and a fear that my ears were to drop off (I hear it happens).

But I really wanted to say you need your sleep Ing –it’s way too late on Thurs, way too early Fri (depending on the angle). Either way, have a great weekend :)

take care (I nearly typed 'take acre'),

3:48 AM

Blogger bonniejo said...

Thank you for pointing out the value of scary rabbits. Rabbits seem to be the only critters that my donkeys allow in their pasture... they donkeys only trust long-eared critters. the really scary one in your photo is the carrot... ooh, scary carrot... Ooh, wallycrawler has scary eyes blinking!

6:43 PM

Anonymous Meredith said...

Have you been into the shop? I'd love to pick the brains of the owners. I'd love to see if their window display changes for every season. Please keep us posted. I'm thinking an Anthony Bates Mother's Day window.

8:14 AM


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