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Thursday, July 17, 2008


you're reading this right now, aren't you?!? I see you! I see you reading my blog, David!


Blogger purplesimon said...

A coincidence, no doubt, but I know of someone called David who was interested in blogs and, indeed, is writing a thesis on it.

This post made me think it's the same one. But it probably isn't.

And so, there really is no point to this comment, except perhaps to make itself known, peeping out from behind the curtain.

purplesimon out...

8:10 AM

Blogger David Lynch said...

Yes I am. You are a clever one. Would you like to come round later; I could cook us some quinoa?

6:22 PM

Blogger matty said...

We can all see David watching! Tell him to stop pressing against the screen! It is distorting the imaging from this side! Most worrying!

...and, yes, David -- this look in on purpose -- I selected the fabric myself and it is fabulous!

8:04 AM

Blogger atomicelroy said...

@dl... the lurkers lurker is back or did he ever leave...

the previous post was right on.
we are conditioned to think paring is the only natural state, yet it is not. noting wrong with being solitary, if that is your choice, or even if it's not.


BTW the blogdogs are back at Rx's new thing

5:05 PM

Blogger ing said...


Is someone writing a thesis that references my blog? I wish that were true, and there was some justification for my writing it. Aside from cathartic whining.

Glad to know you're peeping! I'll start stepping behind my folding screen before I change my clothes. . . (hawhaw, I couldn't think of anything clever to write)


David Lynch:

Please do, please make us some quinoa. But let's do this at your place, since I don't have the special cooking pot.

Thank you for finally speaking to me, David Lynch. I'm glad to know that you're finally over Isabella.



That's not distortion, that's just astigmatism. No worries. Just get a stronger prescription.

Which is not to say that David isn't watching and pressing. I'm sure he wouldn't judge you for your choice of fabric. But if you didn't make the quinoa just so, that might be another matter.



No worries, I know the lurker. It's just David Lynch, and he is welcome to lurk.

And I agree, the solitary life just sort of happens & everyone should be much, much cooler about its existence. Because it does exist, and it pretty much has to, because "someone for everyone" probably isn't true. The older we get, the more particular we become. And we particularize ourselves away from others.


7:39 PM

Blogger purplesimon said...

Ing, a man called David who studies at the London School of Economics is writing a doctorate thesis on blogging. From what angle I don't know. He interviewed me about my blog, so thought perhaps he'd followed links and as you're the top of the tree on my blog (because of the asterisk) he might have to come to you.

He emailed me the day you posted. Just a weird coincidence.

purplesimon out...

1:20 AM


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