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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Yoga Stretch For The Fingers

Do it for me!


Blogger ing said...

It worked!

12:40 PM

Blogger AhvaRahn said...

already? I am doing it for you anyway, and have my eyes closed tight; some of that focused concentration eye yoga too won’t go amiss.

12:45 PM

Anonymous Meredith said...

"Heard" the good news from Matty! You rock! You know that! Congrats!

5:58 PM

Blogger matty said...




6:13 PM

Blogger ing said...



Thank you for doing the stretch -- you may have tipped the balance. The thing I was crossing my fingers over was a great job, and guess what?! I'm going to be an Associate Publicist at Tenspeed Press, where they do yoga every Thursday, where the owner wears Hawaiian shirts to work and periodically walks around asking everyone if they're having fun, where the average employee lasts approx. 8 years & leaves NOT because of job dissatisfaction, but for reasons such as needing to be around their families in other states.

In other words, a GREAT job, as far as I can tell. Though mind you, I have a tough time picturing a greater job than the bookstore. I LOVED that job! But it's time to move on.



Thanks! I feel like a rockin' individual at the moment. Actually, I'm having a hard time believing this is happening! I've been a bookseller for fourteen years now. I'll still be selling books, but in a whole new capacity. AND I'll have a 401k!



And I'm going to sign myself up for the yoga gym around the corner from my yellow apartment! That yoga mat will get a LOT of use! YAYAYAYAYAY!

6:51 PM

Blogger AhvaRahn said...


7:01 PM

Blogger matty said...

I can't get my little Meez up on my wordpress account for the life of me and I'm currently doing the crunk! It is so dope!


Oh, well!

Will you be in line for the PR PR PERSON"S AWARD?!?!?!

7:10 AM

Blogger purplesimon said...

Fucking A.

That's great news and if only your site feed had updated earlier I would have done the finger yoga exercise for sure. But you didn't need it.

You are officially amazing and deserve to get drunk and sod about as way of celebration.

As for yoga, is this what they call 'flexible-working' in SF?

Congratulations again.

purplesimon out...

11:03 AM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Yay! Congrats on landing the job! And yoga on top of it all?

2:50 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

Very cool! I have my fingers crossed as I type, in fact I always do,so I can have and excuse for typos , poor grammer, sentence fragments, run on sentences etc ect tect you know.Glad for you and stuff like that...My Best JW

7:42 PM

Blogger ginab said...

Oh Ing I did it with my legs! Oops! ;-)

you go in praise my dear.

Onward and up!!!

-smarty pants

7:56 PM

Blogger ing said...


Thanks! I'm excited, and a little nervous, and thrilled!



I have a confession -- I got onto the Meez site, and I tried to make one for you, just to see what it would look like. I chose all the elements, but the site was down so I couldn't see the results. You wore a cool murse, a blue vlevet blazer, and a towel around your waist. Your background? Material Girl, of course!

What's this award, and how do I apply for it?


Fucking A Right, Fuckin A!

I got a little tipsy last night -- my friend Tina invited me to see a cool jazz band in The Mission, which I did, and I met some great people. What fun! I had three beers, though. They knocked me for a loop. Walked home at one in the morning. It was windy and warm. I have blisters.

Yoga is what they call "flexible loafing." It's hard work, but it's too fun to be called "work."



I can hardly believe it! I'm going to make Tenspeed so glad they hired me!



I bet that's good for carpal tunnel, too. I will try to follow your example, in hopes that my own book reviews will someday live up to yours. Has Amazon forked over what they owe you for helping to increase their sales?



Legs, fingers -- whatever you did, it did the trick. Now uncross those legs and elevate them! Good for the circulation and the heart.

Onward and up! Wow!

8:27 PM

Blogger matty said...

I think Eddie Monson created with her pal, Patsy. Anyway, she created it, she staffed the board and paid to receive the honor but it went to that horrid Claudia Bing of Bing, Bing & Bing. So, I think it is open to all great PR people! It helps if you PR LuLu. But, I think you could make it work. Fabulously!

6:45 AM

Blogger josh williams said...

I am kinda disappointed with Amazon, they treat me like I'm a number? I trusted them, they said I could, this angers me, best do my yoga finger stretch...By the way do we owe you for this leason? Do you accept pay pal?

5:10 AM

Blogger sage said...

Congratulations--I know I read book published by Ten Speed Press, now I will have to remember which ones they are.

8:32 AM


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