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Thursday, April 26, 2007

In half an hour,

I really need to be in bed, asleepin', adreamin' of the weekend.

Which, Matty's going with me to the New Age Symposium on Saturday! Wow!

It's for work. I'm supposed to make contacts with authors and learn a little more about New Age writers. Right now, I should be reading this interesting book called Lifeprints by this man who figures out peoples' life purposes by reading their fingerprints.

Because back to me (which is who I blog about, really). I have several fingers with this pattern, which is called a tented arch. It's fairly rare, and it stands for "wisdom". Don't be intimidated! It doesn't mean that I'm smarter than you, even if I'd prefer you to think that. It just means I dwell on everything and may have trouble making choices.

According to what the book says about my fingerprints, I need to strive to commit wholeheartedly to my family and friends and community (this is my life's true purpose), but I'm having to struggle with my inability to communicate clearly, a symptom of my fear of making up my mind. As a result, I don't have much power and lots of trouble realizing my passions.

Or something. I will meet this author in a couple of weeks, and maybe he can straighten me out on this. I sure hope so, anyway.

But I was saying that I should be reading this book. Instead, I'm blogging. Because committing to my community is my life's purpose. The fingerprints do not lie.

One of my cool coworkers showed me something that you who work on computers probably do all the time -- we're on this shared server, so we can listen to each others' itunes! Yay! This person named "Amanda" & who I'm not sure I've met has an awesome playlist! There's this band called TV on the Radio, and they have an album called OK Calculator that I really really need to have! Except, I guess it's extremely rare, so I can't. But knowing this, my need to own it is even greater!

Here they are:

Cute, eh?

My job is still very hard and confusing, but I'm going to do my best, no matter what. If my fingerprints are telling the truth, I need to speak up very clearly and be decisive if I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

'Bye for now! And I'm sorry about the breeziness of this posting, but I just didn't have much time to edit it.


Blogger josh williams said...

I feel your sense of urgency, as a publicist myself(see Travels With Roscoe, 34 weeks on the best seller list) I have little time for grammar spell check or even facts on my posts or comments. I have no time for things that make sense. Be strong you will find your Roscoe...JW

11:14 PM

Blogger Ticharu said...

The fingerprint is the window to the soul... reach out and touch someone! :)

The video 'Pasha's Revenge' is fairly old, I forgot it was there! It's all improvised, yes, there is a new video on Yer Daily Plum if you like that kinda thing. Tho I change the stuff on Yer Daily Plum fairly frequently, sometimes it's videos and sometimes it's MP3s.

You may also find another page I created recently to be of interest. It's call Plum FLower Radio!
It's a streaming player with about 90 tracks, most of it my stuff and various projects like Frappe Dreamgate, but I'm slowly adding some other artists that I've made friends with. So there is a growing list of cool stuff there.

6:42 AM

Blogger ginab said...

good lord, ask the fingerprint wiz if your pattern displays 'manic perfectionism'. or some such. edit shmedit is what i really mean. calm down too, while you're at it. because it's only us here, and all right that includes me believing i'm more than all!


i am!



and yes they're cute. ok calculator. funny!

2:15 PM

Blogger matty said...

I wonder what my finger prints mean.

...too bad I didn't burn them off after that big jewelry heist. Damn!

No, seriously, what do they mean? You must look at them and tell me!

By the way, I've listened carefully to everything you've told me about your job and it is clear to me that you are kicking major ass! You are rocking their world!

A new job is so very stressful! You will fall into the groove. It takes a few months --- and you've an important job. You're learning a lot.

So, I think you just need to take some deep chakra-enhancing breaths, listen to the sound of the beautiful northern California breeze, let the sun warm over you and just know that you are fucking awesome!

We will totally rock and network the new age world tomorrow!! Whoo Hoo!

And, we MUST find this CD for you!

They are all really hot! And I am still laughing over "OK Calculator"

...too funny!

You must get to know that person with the cool playlist -- she could rip you a copy of their LP anyway!

LP -- man, I am old.

8:04 PM

Blogger ing said...


A publicist's work is a bottomless well. As you know. I advise you to pass as much of your duties as you possibly can along to your editor. They can do a lot for you.



The fingerprint, yes. It's a little bit scary.

I will look for more videos. It's fun to listen, but it's even more fun to watch and listen at the same time. Do you take request? Do you play any percussion instruments or bells? I would like to see you playing the gamelan.



Manic perfectionism are my first and middle names. I think I just have this fear that someone at work might find this. They're Chicago Style Manual users. I have to get me one.

Okay, I need to get up and have a healthy breakfast -- I want to feel and look my best for the New Life Symposium.



Yes, we must do your fingerprint chart! Only, I'm not very familiar with doing them. But I think there may be palm and chakra readers at the symposium today! If so, I'll want to have a reading!

I will do what I can to get to know this "Amanda" person. But I can see now that this new job? It's the kind of place where you get to know people verrrry slowly. I'm working with all these super quiet types. I'm not used to that! At the bookstore, everyone was pretty easy to read. And not nearly as busy.

Anyway, it might be a little while before I can get that CD ripped. . .

I'll see you this afternoon. Breathe into your heart chakra and imagine the light of it (green).

I'm hungry!

8:50 AM

Blogger josh williams said...

I love your posts, thanks for the kind words...I am a publicist without and editor, she made me dot to many "I"s and this is a pet peeve of mine. So I am as a rule working alone which in the world of networking is a positive quality. I think I have this part right?

8:22 PM

Blogger jungle jane said...

Ing, by the time you read this you will be engulfed with New Age wholeness. I wonder if this will be reflect in your fingerprints??

1:05 AM

Blogger matty said...

Ing - I feel so "new" and "age'd" since our visit to the new age world! I liked the spirit water. I thought the boy at the grass booth was kind of hot -- even with the painted nails -- actually, maybe because of.

But, for me, it was the magic I Dream Of Jeanie bottles that really did it for me.

Damn not being rich! We were each meant to have one! I think I need to hatch a plan to get one!

I think you should just ask "amanda' to rip you a CD. I would.

HOT FUZZ was awesome!!!!!

In a few minutes I'm off to the bday party. ...for a toddler.


2:34 PM

Blogger ing said...


NEVER work alone. NO! If you work alone, there's nobody else to shunt your work onto. All that proper i-dotting is worth it in the end. One mere publicist ("mere" — ha!) can't do it all, though we are commonly referred to as "the greatest people on earth and the hardest working, too." By me, that is.


Jungle Jane:

The fingerprints neither lie, nor do they change. Unless you learned something from your friends in the slammer involving amputation/sandpaper/acid/fire. Then the fingerprints might change.

My point being, the new-age goodness I may have experienced had everything to do with destiny, which was already engroov'd in my prints.



I feel "age'd," tho I'm not sure if that's a result of the show, or if it has more to do with the fact that I'm going to be forty in less (much less — ugh) than a year.

The guy at the weed booth was certainly cute, if you like that kind of thing. He was quite femme, and while I gravitate towards men who seem really interesting and cool and tuned in (i.e. often gay), I know the difference between "cute" and cute-in-that-I-could-set-him-up-with-someone-else" kind of way.

I think Barbra endowed you with the admiration for nicely-painted nails, by the way.

I really did think the Barbara Eden I Dream Of Genie bottle was meant for you, and I regret that I didn't have $100 to spend at the time. You NEED one of those. It's a much better investment than your robot dog.

Everyone should see Hot Fuzz! It was funny, and it was cute, and it was pretty gory. See it!

How was the partaaaaay? Did you & B party down, toddler style?

8:11 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

I have not had a wink of sleep for nearly 153 hours! Why because I am working to make Travels with Roscoe the # 1 best seller since L Ron Hubbards book on insanity.Not just one book his church but its all the same Roscoe is so much cooler than L Ron why do we follow the former and not the bladder(sp). Roscoe only asks you to be yourself and to reward yourself and if you can help others. Kinda radical but when you read his book which I am sure you will( price rises to $5.00 with S&H come cinco de mayo) enjoy the about the author which was written by me, and I actually appear in fragments of the book...The Cohen brothers have been in contact with me about movie rights, I would not sell you short, visit sleekpelts site he is a believer.So if you have anyone you would like me to promote just show them this comment and they will jump in your lap for joy! Kind Regards JW

9:04 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

ing I owe you everything, thank your for the mentoring and stuff like that, I hit the big time Travels with Roscoe will soon be genrating all sorts of business for the USPS, now we need to iron out some problems like breaking even, paying the printer the publicist and hey I think we should even kick in a little for good ole Roscoe, its his screed that made all this possible...Dang "I'm an altruist after all" sang to to the tune of "its a small world after all" and I owe it all to you ing...Thankee JW gotta go the Cohen brothers are beeping in...JW again my best.. beep

4:07 AM

Blogger matty said...

Oh, I forgot all about my robot dog.

How and why did I do that? Go figure.


the toddler party was actually quite nice. i don't think those toddlers get much sugar. very sweet and quiet children. ...only one or two piercing screams and i managed to take several tylenols prior so i was cool.

the mahogany dvd arrived. i know you're dying to see it, too!!!!! comes with a digital photo modeling gallery!!!!

B got us tix to see Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaaks for our anniversary!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I am ready to rock!

3:16 PM

Blogger ing said...

Oh, Josh, I just heard from another publicist that you need "me-time," meaning it's time to leave work early for once and get yourself a facial and pedicure. It's all right. Go ahead.

And WOW, the Cohen Brothers! That's Big Time! Who will play Roscoe, the self-help guru, in the movie version? I'm sure they'll have Sean Connery play you -- no-brainer. Have you approached Oprah yet?

Don't worry about royalties and bills. Believe me, the money will start rolling in soon.



So I you're excited about the new Tori? I think she's interesting and pretty, but I've never developed an appreciation for her music. Not like I have for Joanna Newsom (before the most recent album. . . )

If I get knocked up somehow, I'll remember your words: sugar is VERBOTEN!!!!!

I can't wait to see Mahogany AGAIN, but I'm still waiting for the second season of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman -- I have no idea what happens next! Will Mary's husband leave her for the office floozy? Can she rise above the yellow waxy buildup? Will that country singer's career take off? Will her husband wax his hairy back? Will the slutty sister find love with her deaf boyfriend? Will grandpa find the peanut butter? Do Mary and her hot cop wind up together? (Man, I would LOVE to be tied up to him!)

I hope you two have a great anniversary. It sounds like you will, for sure. XXXXXXXXX to both of you!

7:30 PM

Blogger matty said...

Oh, we're all waiting for season 2 of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman! Poor baby, you're just waiting for the last disc of season 1! I'll get that to you --- however, not all those questions will be answered!

Yes, the new Tori rocks! Not as 'pretty' as previous releases but it is more potent.

Oh! Our anniversary was on 4/30 -- we had a very nice evening. Tho, we ate at some fancy pants place that caused me to gain about 30 pounds. Anyway, the tix to the Stevie show are most exciting! I just got him a book on quilts --- those quilts made in alabama. ...but, year one is 'paper'

i think we need a post on samples of great book PR covers of all time and a few of the worst. yes, i think we need this.

6:55 AM

Blogger ginab said...

Been hopin' the traffic is rollin' right along for you. And the sun is out and people smile here and there and all is well for you dove.


8:02 PM

Blogger Topher said...

Ugh, TV on the radio played two nights here in DC and I didn't go (T_T)

That's awesome you'll get to go to that kind of symposium. That sounds interesting. I wonder what my fingerprints mean....

1:37 PM

Blogger josh williams said...

I have so much money rolling in that I have no idea what to do with it and then...Hell I'll just grind it up use it to fertilize my hemp field and make even more money, now how do I launder the future windfall? Then waltzed in an epiphany spirit guide to be more accurate a money ain’t the answer bewitched sort of spirit the kind that takes your windfall and then disappears like a spirit. I hate it when that happens, could have fixed my gutters with that windfall, well back to the grind.

8:32 PM

Blogger matty said...

Your Mary Hartman DVD is here!!!!

4:24 PM

Blogger ing said...


I know you will be busy sitting in your chair, but maybe there will be a "quilting B"! Maybe!!

What was the name of that movie we saw last night? I liked it, but I sure wanted that Marquis to stop laughing! Yuck! Choking to death on a banana! And for Gina's sake I will not go into detail about the winged egg layers, but THAT was gross!

Yes, I liked that movie. I need to email Iris!



It is SOOO beautiful outside! Yes, people are smiling. This weekend in particular is the most gorgeous thing ever!

Traffic is awful, but I'm still basking in my sense of accomplishment. I can't believe I make this drive every day, fairly effortlessly. At one point I never thought I could do such a thing.



Ugh, I'm sorry you missed that! I've been missing many, mnay shows, just because I haven't been making a point of reading the paper. But this coming Thursday!! Yes!

When the book comes out (in a few months), you should fly out! Matt wants his prints read, too, but I can't do it without using the book.



I, too, have a hemp field. I use the hemp only to make ropes and environmentally friendly handbags. But I have a very specific way of grinding the fertilizer. I'll pay the postage if you'll send me the surplus bills.

It's good for the environment!



It is?!?! Send it my way!

12:19 PM


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